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From time to time I have taught people that they have the ability to focus on a specific intention, just before they fall asleep, and have their astral body carry out that intention while they sleep. One example of the purpose of doing this is for distant healing. With’s weekly weekend distant healing sessions, people have the choice to not only perform the session outside of the designated time — but also during their sleeping hours from setting a clear intention to do so.

When our physical body slips into the state of sleep, a copy of our consciousness is activated — splitting into the astral frequency — simultaneously to our dreaming physical body. This takes place automatically, but some people can consciously traverse from their waking consciousness into their energetic astral body so they are in complete control of the experience.

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Each one of us is at varying levels of spiritual development. Our level of progression can determine what we are capable of — but also what we do — once we project out of our body, whether we do it consciously, or unconsciously.

This same process can take place when a person reaches a deep state of meditation, and with very advanced souls, they can become aware of each simultaneous part of themselves — in the one moment — consciously.

How do I know that this is possible with setting our intentions? I know this because of a combination of reasons — from direct experience, wisdom based on learnings while here on Earth, feedback from friends and clients based on their dream memories after I set my intentions, but also through simply knowing (claircognizance).

Charles Webster Leadbeater

I recently read the book Invisible Helpers by Charles Webster Leadbeater (Charles is on the left). This book has a focus on the souls which assist us in every day life from the astral. It provides examples of cases where a situation has occurred on Earth, and a soul has decided to interact and change the outcome — which may involve saving a persons life. These examples show that people have an experience here, where they think an angel has turned up, when it’s just been a human incarnate projecting in the astral and manifesting partly — or in full — a temporary etheric matter based physical form so that they can do what they need to do to help out the person, or multiple people, depending on the situation.

Some of us may have heard about stories and situations relating to a loved one who has passed — doing something similar — and through their strong connection based around their love for a child, or love for a partner, they manage to knock on a door, push thoughts into a persons mind, or even create a smell so that the person is shown that they are there and are perfectly fine. All these things are possible and can be done by souls existing right now on Earth who have gained a sufficient level of progression with conscious astral projection, in addition to a certain level of required spiritual development. As to be successful with this, and to be able  to control your astral body properly — and navigate the realms and dimensions — you need full control of your ego and thoughts. In the past, spiritual ‘masters’ have been involved with helping their students, in an organised way, perform such helpful tasks in the astral (Such as members of the Theosophical Society). This still goes on of course, but because of how society has progressed with so many control based mechanisms in place worldwide that suppress peoples spirituality — this is not so commonly accepted, discussed or even attempted.

The main purpose of this article is to provide you with a quote from this book, which goes to demonstrate what I mean when I say we have the ability to set intentions — just before falling asleep — to perform certain actions from the astral, such as joining a group on Earth for a distant healing session.

“There is hardly one among us who would not be capable of performing at least one definite act of mercy and good will each night while we are away from our bodies. Our condition when asleep is usually one of absorption in thought, be it remembered — a carrying on of the thoughts that have principally occupied us during the day, and especially of the last thought in the mind when sinking into sleep. Now if we make that last thought a strong intention to go and give help to some one whom we know to be in need of it, the soul when freed from the body will undoubtedly carry out that intention, and help will be given. There are several cases on record which, when this attempt has been made, the person thought of has been fully conscious of the effort of the would-be helper, and has even seen his astral body in the act of carrying out the instructions impressed upon it.” — Invisible Helpers by Charles Leadbeater (Page 105) (Amazon Link)

As mentioned, the author of this book is Charles Leadbeater. Leadbeater (1854 – 1934) was an influential member of the Theosophical Society and ended up becoming a ‘high ranking officer’ while part of their group. You may be familiar with other esoteric focused teachers who had connections to the Theosophical Society — which was formed in 1875 in New York City — such as Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Annie Besant, Alice Bailey and Rudolf Steiner.

Charles Leadbeater wrote more than 69 books and articles, based on a range of metaphysical topics in connection to his own spiritual development and the teachings in relation to the Theosophical Society.

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