SANDRA WALTER – RESURRECTION – The New and the Next Wave – 2-17-16



SANDRA WALTER   –   RESURRECTION   –   The New and the Next Wave   –   2-17-16


Take a moment to listen to the radio show with Suzanne Maresca which aired on SUNday. We discussed the recent Christed activations stepping forth in Wayshowers, and the upcoming wave expected to make this a permanent state of consciousness for many.  It is available as a video on the Ascension Integration youtube channel, or downloadable as an mp3 at


Ascension Goal: The Solar Cosmic Christ

One of the first steps in the Ascension process is setting your intention for what you would like to achieve. Your goal might shift as you ascend. Some find the energies, practices and revelations overwhelming, so they rise just enough to open the heart, love themselves and others, get over past baggage and enjoy the journey. A wonderful path.

Others are dare-angels who push their boundaries to permanently enter a new state of consciousness. They embrace the Solar Logos reflected in Universe, Galaxy, Solar systems, Planets and HUman DNA. The Christed state of beingness is a Solar state of beingness, that’s why it is aptly named the Solar Cosmic Christ.

It is the template for a Solar beingness expressing as form. These are the Wayshowers, creating paths for others to follow and dramatically raising the collective consciousness by proxy. Thousands of Wayshowers have been participating in the Resurrection phase for nearly a year, and the result of that dedication is about to become evident to many.

Resurrection Phase

Last year Mastery was on the agenda; the path of deep internal work, deep spiritual work, facing those final fears and ever raising our vibration. Then we immersed ourselves in the Resurrection phase; the permanent merge of Higher and Lower Selves, the marriage with the Divine Mother in Zero Point.

Divine Mother/Divine Feminine is not dualistic male-and-female; Mother is the substance from which everything is created, the background energy which and births and pentrates all that exists. By marrying Higher and Lower Selves across the dimensions, the Divine Masculine and Femnine aspects of Creation, we reconnect with the cosmic aspect of the Solar Cosmic Christ.

Resurrection may involve some very esoteric practices, fasts, clearing, lengthy meditations, deep energetic connections in nature, and intense service work. It brings forth some very bizarre experiences as the pineal, pituitary and heart unify, and the crown opens to higher-level sensitivity. In our modern-day Mastery, it can involve Galactics or Star Family as much as the Ancient Masters and Archangelics.

The payoff for enduring this phase now presents; we are beginning to experience pure Solar Cosmic Christed states, which overwrite the multidimensional consciousness. Beyond the unity of Higher and Lower Self, there is this grand, profound opening up to Source, to the Solar aspect, and it rewrites the consciousness into Divine Service.

These activations of the Christ consciousness are starting to present in a stronger way than previously imagined. I described my own experience as best I could on Suzanne Maresca’s show last weekend. Describing the indescribable – again.

We receive glimpses of the Godhead in Ascension; moments of complete purity, absolute union with Source and all-that-is. In this journey it becomes second nature to operate from Love, from this state of non-judgment, from pure peace, discernment, wisdom, honor and compassion.

At first we receive the overwhelming experience of the pure power of Source, the God-drops; the reunion with our Higher Levels and Source. We lift ourselves to this level. Our reward is a few moments of bliss and unification; the pure clarity of the merge. With conscious effort we may hold it for an hour, or a day. It gets easier as the light levels rise.

In January, I spontaneously experienced three full days of a new level of Solar beingness, the Christed state, in a stronger, clearer, more vibrant way than ever before. And you know me, Beloveds. My experiences have been profound along this path. However this was an elimination of lower thoughts, emotions, the mind-level altogether, and the pure no-more-lower-Self state.

It is difficult to describe in words. It was effortless Source beingness. I did feel like a SUN of God; it was very Solar in essence. During the first moments I knew that my lower Self was going away. Lower thought concepts leave quickly, as if you can’t create that level of thought form any longer.

I did have a sense of Sandra is done. I barely had a sense of the body beingness, it was more like just being the torus fields and Ascension columns. Geometry and Light. The body felt more holographic than ever; a sensation which began in April last year.

Of course there is an overwhelming amount of love and joy; expansive and Universal. Also an overwhelming desire to serve higher agendas that would not make linear sense. (Note that this is coming from a Wayshower whose lifestream already doesn’t make linear sense to most.) It was the next level I have been asking for, and it presented in such a powerful way that everything suddenly was Source-clear.

There is a heartbreakingly beautiful sense of the Universal perspective on Gaia and HUmanity. As Source gazed through the lens of my eyes, looking upon its creation, all it saw was Divine perfection. Complete absence of concern or judgment; all was absolutely beautfiul, peaceful. All is well.

During the second and third days, I felt the surge of Divine Service and my energy bodies getting rewritten. The Divine flow; a river of Light pouring through my Ascension column and heart center brought a limitless amount of energy and the drive of the Divine Will. There was an overwhelming devotion, compassion, and a transcendent communication with the higher realms, without any emotional reaction or thought attached to it.

An innate knowing and perspective on how the moment was creating and aligning everything around it. The scalar operation of the heart center was particularly strong, as if it would automatically transmute anything of a lesser vibration. The whole experience was like being on Christed auto-pilot.

Effortless, absolutely no concerns, questions, nothing but pure beingness. I did feel like the pure presence of the Christ on Earth. There was also a deep, seamless awareness of being fused with the Christ, that intensely beautiful Solar beingness expressed throughout our Universe.

The constant message over the last year has been Embodiment will change everything. I do believe that, and have faith in that Divine level of Service. I see how it will affect the collective consciousness, the energy fields of Gaia, the kingdoms and elementals, even the Solar system when thousands hit this level permanently.

As that state of consciousness gently decreased its intensity, I received the message that this about to unfold for thousands upon the planet. Our intentions to activate the 144,000 – and perhaps more – are heard, Beloveds. The Christ does overwrite the lower consciousness, so in a way the lower Self is not much of a concern. The Higher Christed Self becomes a conduit for Divine Will.

While the experience itself was freeing, there was the overwhelming presence of a new level of Service, paired with the intensity of Divine Will flowing though the Ascension column. As with any leveling up, we receive a taste of the higher light – a day or two of the finer experience – then it recedes a bit so we have the choice to opt out or continue along the path.

With the incoming light arriving mid-March (before Equinox) and lasting through end of April, we will have a Divine opportunity to launch many out of the cave of Resurrection and into this higher light. It must be your choice, you must be relaxed and comfortable with it, and alignment with Love is key. Love Source, Love the Self and express it in every thought, word, deed.

Love thy neighbor as thyself, without exception. Service to others and the Divine Will. Divine Discernment with Wisdom; complete Non-Judgment. It is an active, alive, fully awake state of consciousness. I have disseminated the experience to the Gaia, crystalline, and HUman heart grids for those who desire to receive it and any support it provides for their own embodiment. I Love You, I Bless You, I Thank You.

In Love, Light and Service,


Source:“Resurrection: The New and the Next Wave,” by Sandra Walter, February 15, 2016, at

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