Upgrades – by 2020 Spiritual Vision – 2-17-16


Upgrades   –   by 2020 Spiritual Vision


Alright Kiddo’s! Are we having fun yet? The latest seems to be the next wave of energy coming in March. Spring equinox, although I’m feeling all of March. Upgrades incoming – Up, up and a way. So we have a few weeks to rest, discern, create, prepare – whatever you feel you need to do. Most importantly – LIVE!  I, personally, have to take these notifications of gates/portals/dates with a grain of salt. We are each different and literally every moment is a new possibility. Many of us shifted together as gates/sun activity/whatever name we attach to it, moved us along yet now, that doesn’t seem to matter as much. Any moment could be (and is), divine!

I think these notifications are to remind and entice the curious. So that they can set an intention, place it on their calendar and carve out some time. It’s also a great time to gather and celebrate.

If you’ve been on your journey, at times these notifications though can seem like a letdown. They can leave one wondering, what was that all about? Think loose! Don’t form an expectation. Be aware, be open, be grateful for whatever unfolds. And, usually the energy is there before and after any given date, too. Trust that what you need, you will experience.

At some point you make peace with the journey and its often unpredictable nature so having a heads up is nice. Yet you can’t hold your breath and wait. You still have to LIVE! The more you think one of these waves of energy is going to bring all the answers, well…   I’m smiling.  Is that even possible?  Sure, yet that’s not the chosen path for many. Slow and steady we integrate.

So I was thinking back over the upgrades I’ve felt. Each one has been a bit different. And what about the ones I don’t even know about. For many of us, we are on a need to know basis.  Be grateful.

♥ I’ve experienced the body aches/pains, fever, feeling heavy.

♥ Being unable to be around other’s energy. This could also include having to take a break from your favorite mentors. You just can’t jam any more energy into your field. As the process goes on, you are also separating a bit from other’s energy so that you can purify and fortify your own.

♥ Brain fog, mini trips to a far off place, ear ringing.

♥ The super high energy. Kundalini energy. And energy of passion where you get stuff done easily.

♥ And let me not forget the depression/dark night/everything in your life goes to hell upgrades. You will get through it!

The Universe also mentioned self-activations to me. Interesting. I’ve found them in moments of joy. So listen to music. Dance. Play. Do something out of the routine and then… bam. Find yourself in bliss.  You can also write your own activation.  Words that you’d like to hear and would bring you comfort.  Who knows, it may help another, too (small hint, hint).

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