PAULINE BATTELL – ALTAIR – TEACHER -The Heart of the Earth Angel – 1-30-16

Earth Angel

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PAULINE BATTELL   –   ALTAIR – TEACHER  -The Heart of the Earth Angel   –   1-30-16


The Heart of the Earth Angel is Divine Presence.

Enoch was not a god. He was a human being like you and me and through Divine Presence (the grace of the Blessed Mother) ascended and became an angel. Metatron. Enoch suffered as we do when he was not fully immersed in the Divine. Our greatest suffering is to be separated from Our Beloved Father-Mother God. If we go to Our Father-Mother with our Hearts open we will realize the Truth. Our Father-Mother will say to us “Because you are aware you are suffering from separation in your heart you are able to enter Our Heart.”

The Path of the Earth Angel is Divine Presence. There are clear steps on this path to take.

The first is to acknowledge the Truth of Your Divine Presence I AM and that you suffer every moment you are not immersed in that Presence. That there are many moments in your day and night when you are not in touch with that Divine Presence, the Heart of Father-Mother God Within. To stay on track you need the help of Your Higher Self, Your Soul Guardian, Your Light Family, a teacher, a mentor or divine friends you can check in with.

The second is to gain insight into your self and your Higher Self and discover moment to moment when you are in touch with the Divine Presence of your Higher Self and when you are not. Those moments when you are in touch can include conscious connected breathing, postures and mudra, toning, dancing, creativity and chanting, meditation, internal energy practices, purification, cleansing of body, mind, soul, blending with your Soul Guardian or Light Family.

The third is healing. As you connect more and more deeply with Divine Presence the suffering of separation stops. You are I AM.

The fourth is the path of the angel. As you open your heart to the Divine Heart, the archangels or Elders themselves, who, like Enoch, have experienced what you are experiencing, will guide you Home.

In confirmation of the above Divine Mother took me again last night to Mt Kailash this time in the Presence of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva, the destroyer of ignorance and illusion, resides at the summit of Mt Kailash or Kailāśa, where He sits in a state of perpetual meditation along with His wife Pārvatī. He is at once the Lord of Yoga and therefore the ultimate renunciate ascetic, yet he is also the divine master of Tantra. The mountain had four faces, one of crystal, one of ruby, one of gold, and one of lapis lazuli. Mt. Kailash is a pillar of the world and is located at the heart of six mountain ranges symbolizing the lotus flower. I was looking into CREATION.


Again and again my Light Family remind me of the importance of connecting with family.

Family guiding us Home then become powerful allies to us opening our hearts to the Shared Heart. We enter the Kingdom of Heaven as a Child. It requires that depth of vulnerability. In a previous life where you were Maitreya’s son, you know the depth of feeling around that life. It is fully PRESENT and NOW. A gift to consciousness. By connecting those previous lives AND the relationship you actually had as Maitreya’s son you bring the energy of that relationship into the NOW.




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