Lisa Gawlas – The Power Of Knowing – Uneqivocally – 2-15-16



Lisa Gawlas   –   The Power Of Knowing   –   Uneqivocally   –   2-15-16


Ya ever have day when the inability to see beyond a single thing became the most reverent thing you have ever seen.  For all five people on my dance card, a stream of pure white light flowing down into their life, their bubble of creation was a constant.  Pure Source energy, Love of the One Source…

My first three readings really showed up to rearrange me, my thoughts, my knee jerk bitching, to fully realize how profound this moment is.  And it IS!!  I am not even sure how to put it all into words.  The constant tho, this stream of pure white Light flowing down from above and the only thing I could see as it connected to my people’s field was the upper part of their bubble of creation, it was changing into this golden energy, a golden color I have never seen on the field in this spectrum of radiance.  Altho I was not able to see any body, any biology what so ever, I knew this stream was coming into the crown, flowing thru the entire human construct and releasing outwards into again, what I call your personal bubble of creation.  The only thing I know for sure about the visible golden energy that I could see, and barely see, was becoming a spectrum of magnetic energy like never before available to us.  In my field of readings, gold is the highest vibration of spiritual energy that I can see, well now, it is infused/being infused with pure Source energy.

The way my entire energy field was redirected thru my hmmmm limiting expression was like nothing I have ever experienced before.  Our teams is really good at love slapping me when I am using the incorrect words/expression of what I am seeing and feeling, but this was a redirect so powerful, so engorged with reverent love.  Using the words “that’s all i can see”  (which is more habit than anything) in the moment I was saying them it was af if my entire energy was ballooning out from deep inside of me, engorged with this feeling and I have not a single or even multiple words to describe it.  It did however, intensify an already building headache.  But lets just say, it was the most incredible way of being told to stop feeling so limited when what I am witnessing is so extraordinary, even if its only held in my vision as a momentary snapshot of what is happening.

But the conversations themselves provided so much illumination thru the day, so much more than I could have ever hoped to have.  In one of the conversations we started to talk about the coming equinox in spring.  I realized something thru that conversation, this Source infused love fest that we are undergoing right now is also feeding the new stream of energy into that magnetic pole, which, to my peeping eyes is silver, the higher vibration of earth energy that I see in readings.  So imagine this… by March 20th, the full force field of Source and Earth, as intense complimentary magnetic systems will be laid out, enlivened.  No wonder spirit warned us of so many power nodes embedded in March and also way back in January they said this whole first quarter was all about the full spectrum of energy we now as Shambhala, Heaven on earth, the new earth… pick a name.

Also, an experience I had the evening of the 13th brought so much clarity not only to my experience but the full energy of “knowing the arrival is imminent,” which replaces waiting.

It was close to my bedtime and I was just sitting on my couch (yeah, I do that a lot lol) and scrolling the news feed on my phone on facebook.  Suddenly i seen this advertisement for a hoodie that just caught my heart.  I clicked on it, and was thrilled to see this hoodie was also available in t-shirt style:

inhale harmony

The feeling inside of me, was explosive in its own rite, all I could feel was this would be a great t-shirt to wear for my Mexico trip.  There was nothing in that feeling infused thought that separated the moment I was in from the 7 months worth of moments between the now and the actual Mexico date, both were in the same moment.  While I took a breath in (I rarely spend money on things I really don’t need and I usually hesitate to the degree of missing it or having to pay more for it) I truly felt the loss of months between now and Sept.  This feeling was so strong that I had to giggle after I went ahead and got this shirt that I realized I actually had 7 months to buy it, but let me tell ya, in that moment, 7 months did not exist, at all.

So, in one of the conversations yesterday, with my precious lady talking about that phrase, “KNOWING the arrival is imminent” must also live the feeling, the elimination of what we perceive as time.

I have seen already, several people declare they will go to Mexico IF they have the money.  This is one thing, shockingly (giggle) I am not feeling inside of myself.  I KNOW I will have enough money since I have 7 months to put money away, stock up for grand adventures!!  KNOWING does not involve an IF anywhere.  Of course, this applies to everything, anything.

Think about it all this way… YOU are the collective force of creation.  Your magnetic field is what is declaring your reality, your creations, even, your waiting.  Saying words is not enough, because often times, we embed doubt into the words, the stronger the doubt the stronger creation is.  It’s an unbiased field.

This KNOWING is also what collapses time.  Think about what time offers us… ongoing lessons.  Ways to use or remove time.  Last year, when spirit first talked to me about this Mexico trip, my entire mind was focused on the lack of money, christmas and my kids and grandson.  I already fueled the not going by the deeper energy running within me.  Of course, I didn’t see it that way because I declared I would go.  Then I couldn’t, everything got tangled up.  My birth certificate was wrong, and even when the new one arrived, I ripped it half when I opened the envelope, requiring another new one be mailed.  Of course, I couldn’t get my passport, blah blah blah and I didn’t even have gas money to think about it.  I Am powerful!!  Unbiasedly powerful.

So in this scenario, time had to stretch out even longer, giving me more time to get my shit together, to breathe out the bullshit lol.  I Am together Now.  Time collapsed and the challenges I created last year, no longer serve the agenda.  It’s already happening and we will just arrive at the event horizon Sept 18th with all our needs/desire met and exceeded.  Period.  (Hello ET family, we will see you in the zone of silence! 😉 )

KNOW THYSELF unequivocally!!

Now, back to yesterday lol.  By my third connection on the field, I fully gave in to the enormous reverence that today, God descends into the clear and open vessels I have the utmost privilege to witness.  So as I was pondering my last two appointments, one a man who he himself had to reschedule for months to get a date that was perfect for him and all i could think was, shit…  today I am rescheduling everyone.  Same with my precious lady after him, she has hit my reschedule zone the last few times we tried to connect, so her first session has been delayed.  There is always a higher reason, but us humans… well… today is always better than tomorrow or next week lol.

However, I wasn’t bitching just kinda feeling bad (not negative bad, just I knew we had to reschedule) then two details were added, one in the energy stream of my man, one in the energy stream of my lady.

When my mind was focused on my man, I could see the most amazing fires streaming down thru this white light.  The passion of God/Creator, the fires of God/Creator.  When I switched and thought about my last lady, there was this magnificent rainbow hue, as if we took the actual rainbow out of the sky and wrapped it around this white pole of inflowing Source energy.  The fires of Divine Masculine, The expanse of the Divine feminine. The radiance of wholeness.

I want to talk about an experience my man had, it is so telling of…. well… everything.  I pray I remember the details correctly.  (I think) He was just waking up from sleep and realized his body was levitating above his bed and her heard the word Jesus and out of his back feel all these black beads onto his bed.  As he was telling me of this experience, and I pondered what the beads could mean, I suddenly thought of the rosary beads:


If you have ever been Catholic, you know this is a structured prayer thingie, repetitive and filled with the energy of penance.  Structure, repetition, death (see the dying guy/Jesus at the bottom.)  We have entered, as a collective, whether you are catholic or not) the time of Lent, the stations of the cross (a horrific reminder of pain and suffering) and his experience was showing the full release of it all.  Dismantling the structure that once signified ascension by death.  No more structure, let loose, your body has risen and the Christ is You (Jesus.)

Let me be very clear here, he is not nor has been a practicing catholic, he was born catholic but not a practicing one.  This however, goes to all systems, all things, a full on release, dismantling of all repetitive acts to try to “save ourselves.”

WE are now the living embodiment of Christ, of God in body.  The Sons and Daughters that ARE the Living Christ.  Those that have risen above the chaos, the separation, the ascended ones Here Now.

All that was, was dismantled.  Loose and free and unrestricted.  KNOW THYSELF AND THY POWER!!

You are not only Loved Deeply, you are the Living Expression of Deep Love made manifest!!

Lisa Gawlas

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