Ashtar on the Road – Q and A – 2-14-16

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“President Obama is the person who will announce NESARA?”  W.J., The Netherlands
Ashtar: “It is planned at this moment that it will indeed be President Obama who announces NESARA, although there will be others with him on the podium – some in human form and others of us ‘unseen’ in our High Dimensional Light bodies.  It is very important to understand that NESARA is to helpallof PlanetEarth, not just the United States of America.

“This is why I have asked that the NESARA flyer, which summarizes its benefits, be posted on my website for people all over the World to download for free, and to copy and distribute as they are inspired so to do:

“Also, two of our Beloved Activist Brothers have created ‘NESARA bumper stickers’ which are available here:

“I encourage everyone to read its history, and to sign the NESARA petition!”


“Are these recent events (referring to the recent story about a nuclear test in North Korea) being staged to keep us in fear mode, or is there any truth in the above?”  C.C., Ireland

Ashtar: “You have indeed done a magnificent job of discerning, thus answering your own question!  To elaborate a bit more, there will be no nuclear bomb explosions on Planet Earth, because we are empowered to dis-empower all of them!!!  Our authority to do so comes from the Prime Directive, which states that there shall be no nuclear (or psychological) holocaust taking place.

“Now, this story is an example of the fear which the dark hats are feeling now, for it is that they are losing their ability to hold power over the World.  They have done so in the past by creating fear for everyone else, and so they continue to run this program, even though they are aware that we will not allow any nuclear bombs to be exploded.  In the face of our interference, they lied about this – calling it a nuclear event when it was not, hoping to inspire great amounts of fear Worldwide.  I am happy to tell you that Humanity’s consciousness is sufficiently high that their deception has not been successful!”


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