Father God The World of Our Dreams – Channeler Kathryn E May – 2-6-16

Father God:
The World of Our Dreams
It is a brilliant new day for my Earth children, one you have created out of the love in your hearts and your indomitable faith.  In spite of difficult times, you have been determined to carry out the missions you came here to accomplish.  Often you persevered even though you had no one to talk to about your inner drive toward the Light, no one who even could understand the language or comprehend your need to do what you do.  And what you do, many of you do not even have words for.  It is a feeling in your soul, a need that comes from the deepest part of your heart.  You have awakened knowing there is something very important about this life you came here to live, even though you did not know what to call it.
You have listened for our words, our guidance, you have searched for those who have taken this path before you, and you have triumphed, my Beloved Ones.  You felt you were blindly following your own instincts, your intuitions, even the small voice in your mind, but now you are discovering you are not alone and you are loved beyond measure.  You have been brave.   We see you as courageous explorers, because you have dared to follow your heart wherever it led you, and it has led you Home to me and your Mother.
By forging this deep connection with us, with your own Higher Self, your Twin Flame and your legions of Guides and Angels, you have built your end of the Rainbow Bridge as we reached to meet you.  You have opened the portals to Heaven by walking through your fears and your pain to embrace us as we embrace you.  With each step you expanded the Rainbow Bridge from a gossamer thread to the great superhighway for souls that is now real, the path of transition and Ascension for all.
Your New Life Has Already Begun
Now you are embarking on a new life, a new world of your own making and ours, but it is still forming, hour by hour, day by day, and your own thoughts and actions and feelings are creating it moment by moment.  It is as if you have been given a new blackboard, fresh and clean, but you remember the writings you have seen there for lifetimes.  Will you retrace the old formulas and ideas that were written there by others, or will you begin completely anew?  Can you now redirect your energy – the life force you once dedicated to struggling against oppression – and turn your attention to creating your world in the image of your dreams – our dreams – a world filled with Love, peace and joy?
You have already accomplished the impossible.  Legions of Lightworkers, Angels and Masters have worked together across the Veil, in spite of the fact that the Veil was meant to keep you separate from us.  Individually and in small groups some Boots on the Ground worked tirelessly to quietly establish the structures for a new system of governance and a new financial system for all of Planet Earth, in line with the new spiritual energy.  Meanwhile, as your Mother God and I sent waves of increasing Light and Love in carefully calibrated waves, teams of Transmuting Lightworkers on the ground have worked tirelessly to absorb and reconfigure the dark energies so that they could be released from Earth’s field.  Had they not done this, all would have been poisoned by the heavy, toxic thought forms being released all across the surface.  At the same time, the Light Holders spread their joy, and the Light Bearers and Energy Balancers held fast, anchoring our Light deeply into Gaia’s core as the vibration rose steadily, month by month.
For some, this could be said to have been an invisible process, beyond their knowing, but there is no one left on the planet that has not felt the effects of our work.  A few remain resistant, belligerent, consciously determined to maintain the old illusory Matrix system, even as it dissolves around them.  Others are feeling unbalanced and desperate because they cannot explain their new experience of life in higher energies in any familiar terms.  They struggle to use their tried and true methods of analysis, deduction (rather than expansion), and arguments that reduce all experience to good versus bad, familiar and “safe” against new and unknown, but they find no peace of mind because the Light continues to provide brand new experiences in every moment.
We understand that it can be disconcerting to awaken and find that everything you believed to be fact is actually an illusion, and the things you thought to be fantasy are all that is real.  Your Mother and I are pure Love; this is all that is real.  You were born of Love, and so you remain.  We have said these things to you before, but you were living in a world that seemed so dark and punishing you could not reconcile how it could be possible that God is Love, and you were suffering.
Our hearts ached for you, our beloved children, as you walked through the lifetimes of your own making, unaware of the power of your own ability to create darkness all around you with the energy of your own thoughts and actions.  It is the simplest of concepts, and the most difficult for you to accept.  It was one of the most effective psychological ploys the dark controllers imposed upon you by insinuation, suggestion and propaganda:  the idea that your suffering was caused by someone or something outside your control.  Once you could be convinced of that, their power was solidified.  It was a small step to place blame – on God, on s
*omeone of a different color, on someone whose beliefs do not match yours, and so on.
Thus began the long millennia of war, famine, disease, poverty and want, as humankind searched relentlessly to find the “cause” of all the suffering.  As researchers of all kinds dug deeper and narrowed their sights further, the true causes of suffering remained a mystery.  This did not stop anyone from trying to plumb the bottomless pit of illusion for Truth.  There are no answers to be found there, Beloved Ones.
We Are Your Family
Lift your eyes to the stars, allow your hearts to fill with the HoneyLove Mother and I pour down on you.  We are your answer, your Source and your new beginning.  We are here to reacquaint you with the Love you left behind when the Light dimmed on Earth and you turned to search the darkness for your answers.  You are beginning to grasp that there is no peace of mind in the old ways; you are turning to us and to your Galactic friends and loving family in the Company of Heaven. Your faith grows with each joyful and uplifting experience.  You are sensing the presence of those who passed before, and feel the Love they offer you in our name.  The deep connection we feel to you is beginning to flow gently into your consciousness, and it gives us endless delight to hear you speaking to us.
We are your family, Beloveds, as much as your brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers and lovers there on Earth.  We are your relations, your guardian angels, your mentors and friends as much as your incarnated family is.  However, we have the advantage of coming to you from a higher plane of existence – one where there is no jealousy, no competition, anger or vengeance – because it is the way of the Universe, our Creation, that it be so.  Our essence pervades in higher dimensional experience, and even in lower dimensions where the presence of what you call “evil” has not been introduced.  Your experience of lifetimes of pain and struggle is the exception, you see, and it is now coming to an end.
You have been given much assistance from us and from those Galactic friends who would reach out to you out of compassion and admiration for your wholehearted determination as a race, humankind, to turn this experiment with “the dark side” around.  Every single one of you – every incarnated soul – has come in Divine purpose to live out a life in this last phase of the old Matrix.  It was your life contract to contribute in your own unique way, taking on difficult challenges in the name of the collective and in the name of your own soul growth.  No human, animal, tree or rock has not claimed their part in this great drama, the deliverance of all on Earth from the depths of darkness and pain.  Each plays an integral part; every conscious being contributes their energy and intention to the whole.
You are not a grain of sand in the enormity of the Universe, Dear Ones, you are the cog in the great wheel that will push all forward into the new day.  Every breath you take matters.  Every thought and feeling is a choice that can either uplift or obstruct our collective trajectory toward ever greater Light.  Let this be your greatest moment.  Join with your own heart’s desire to create peace, compassion and gratitude within yourself.  Do just that, and do it well, and you will lift all of Earth along with you.
We are your Father and Mother God, and we are in loving service to you just as you are to us.
A Tour of The Christed Grid
by Archangel Michael & Co.
with Introduction by Father God
Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, February 4, 2016

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