Sananda – You Are Your Higher Self – by Anne deHart – 2-3-16


Well… Good Morning!  And yes, that is good news that food and help is already arriving in Syria.

(Anne:  Fourteen trucks loaded with 25 tons of food, was brought into a war torn area of Syria! WE DID IT!!!! Thought you would like that awesome news.)


I am Sananda, the one you have known as Yeshua ben Joseph. – And here we are with our customary repost of yesterday’s Part 3, of the four parts of  this Scripture…

I urge you to begin thinking of yourself as the one who is your Higher Self.  In this picture, you embody the sum of all lifetimes, all knowledge and all growth.  Your current personality, and the collection of ideas, thoughts, feelings and beliefs are just the ephemeral collection of responses to what you have experienced in this particular lifetime, a tiny part of the soul you really are.  Begin by moving back from your Self to get a long-range perspective on this body, this short lifetime, and the timeline you have experienced so far.  See this life as a part of the enormous whole that is your Cosmic Self, and see that Cosmic Self as a part of the whole of the great reality which includes all of Creation.

When you meditate on this vision of yourself within the Cosmic whole, you will begin to see that you are neither a small insignificant speck nor a limited and finite Human with 80 or 90 years’ existence.  You are a necessary cog in the great wheel of Life, a crucial part of this Earth Ascension, and a beloved Child of Creation.

Every feeling/thought, every action, every lifetime plays an irreplaceable part in relation to all others; you have touched innumerable other souls and have been touched by them.  There is no insignificant or expendable Being; there is no meaningless or unnecessary event; there are no accidents that do not play an important part in the unfolding of the shared Destiny of humankind.

When you look at yourself from this perspective, you will begin to understand how we see you.  Every one is precious; every being is unique.  We feel immeasurable love for you, and hope for the future of our ambitious project.  You have all worked with me on this throughout many lifetimes here on Earth.  Each of your lifetimes have been your way of progressing along your soul path to a higher level of enlightenment.  In this way you have done your own part in creating the rising tide which elevates everyone on the planet.  In addition, you have done your part in the interplay with others – your soul mates, acquaintances and friends.

Some of you have agreed to lives in which you challenged others by pushing them toward greater independence, or greater compassion, or tolerance for others.  At times those of you who wished to advance in your ascension even made the sacrifice of playing the role of the oppressor, which inspired others to organize against the oppression to become advocates for the greater good.

You see, this is the powerful irony in the experience of life on Earth.  It brings out the courage, the conviction and the highest level of dedication to the Light when people are put in the most difficult situations.  It is the model which has been adapted for training soldiers who will face the most difficult challenges in battle, popularly called boot camp. Yes, this is the way the Universe sees your sojourn here, and why they are in admiration of your progress.  There are other ways to evolve as souls, but none so arduous, thorough, and in cosmic terms, resulting in such rapid change.

I am Sananda, the author of these messages, and the one you knew as Jesus.

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