Archangel Michael – Enlightenment and Dimensionality – by Steve Beckow – 2-2-16



Archangel Michael

It’s becoming clear to me that our (OK, my) conventional understandings that correlate level of enlightenment with dimension or plane are not adequate.

We sometimes think that a certain kind of enlightenment opens the door to a certain dimension but increasingly we’re being shown that the matter is not as simple as that.

For instance, if I were the planners, I’d have made Sahaja Samadhi (a permanent heart opening) the entry into the Fifth Dimension.

I now learn that one can have a lower level of enlightenment (Seventh-Chakra enlightenment or Brahamjnana) and still be in the Fifth Dimension, as Archangel Michael here discusses, from a personal reading through Linda Dillon on Jan. 20, 2016.

He also told me on another occasion that many of us are already in the Fifth Dimension and yet we haven’t had even Brahmajnana yet. Moreover, we’ll have Brahmajnana sometime in 2017, he’s said elsewhere, and still be inside the Fifth Dimension.  Sahaja will come some time later. My theories are no longer fitting, stretch them in all directions as I might want to do.

So there’s a need to begin to nail down the manner in which enlightenment is related to dimensionality.

Steve Beckow: Is XX’s Enlightenment Brahmajnana or Sahaja Samadhi?

Archangel Michael: Brahmajnana.

Steve: When he talks about a world that works for everyone, that’s the Fifth Dimension?

AAM: Yes, it is. It is the beginning of the Fifth Dimension. There is room to keep going, and you will.

Steve: So you can have Brahmajnana and be in the Fifth Dimension. You don’t have to have Sahaja Samadhi to be in the first subplane of the Fifth Dimension.

AAM: No, you do not.

This is something that we are really going to be discussing.

Because what you are thinking about, and it is a mental thought/construct, is that certain properties belong to certain dimensions. Now that has been a construct that has been workable and applicable, shall we say in terms of understanding, of how things work upon your planet.

As you fully integrate, anchor, become the fullness of your interdimensional self, you will learn about how you can, can we say, transport various spiritual experiences and qualities into various dimensions. That is your next assignment.

Steve: Oh wow! When do we begin?

AAM: Today. I have just begun the lecture, dear heart.

Steve: Thank you! Some people wait for the next Seahawks game but this is what I wait for!

AAM: Yes, [football is] not exactly at the same level. It brings excitement and joy and moments of great pain or loss. We will not enter into that realm.

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