YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS UPDATE – As we look up, we can see that there are fireworks and music – This starts the show! – 2-2-16


YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS UPDATE   –   As we look up, we can see that there are fireworks and music   –   This starts the show!   –   2-2-16



Earth is ready to move.
So, the description of the ships and show, appear to be this way.
The skyline looks like dawn or sunset, as the sun is just appearing or going down. Then suddenly, it moves back to night. Next moment, the entire sky is blue daylight but no visible sun.


As we look up, we can see that there are fireworks and music.
This starts the show.

There is a flash afterward. That flash, not bright, draws us out of our body.
I believe that the ships are part of the pick up points, at that moment, for people like captains and such. I do know of a few that go directly to their ship. Others go to the vahs service hub and door.
The image we normally see, of the earth is ‘horizon of blue’ and a curve. What nasa calls a ‘window’ is a door high up, and once you exit it, you clearly see the image of the vah, we here, have learned exists. The masts, flags, boot, are all visible.

I’ve heard that more than 50% of humanity, goes to Mankinds branch. The other 7 branches above, then take the remainder, less those getting the pour.

The road we exit onto, (after the eye) is the City of Raylen (spelling?) on Ison. Thats the parade, we step off the stairs directly into. This is where the party starts, and it doesn’t stop on Ison. We do appear to go partying, from Ison to Eden and Mer.

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