WILL YOU BE THERE? – Peace In Syria – Power of Meditation – Anne de Hart – 2-1-16

World Synchronized Meditation for Syria
w/ James Twyman

M O N D A Y !!

10 – 15 Minutes – February 1st

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Synchronized Meditation for Syria and ISIL
Monday, February 1

F i n a l    U p d a t e

 Millions of people will join together
to prove the power of synchronized prayer

This is a final update so you have everything you need
to join us for the meditation.

To begin, the time of the vigil is as follows:


7AM Pacific US Time

10 AM Eastern US Time
3 PM London Time
5 PM Israel Time
4 AM (Tuesday) Auckland Time
(There was some confusion from an email sent two days ago. These times are correct.)
James Twyman and the Religious Leaders
Will be within eyesight of the ISIL villages

What each of us will be doing:

Thanks to The Abrahamic Reunion here in Israel, James will be joined by Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders on a hill overlooking the villages where so many Syrians are suffering.

They will be putting themselves at risk to inspire YOU to join us for just 10-15 minutes of focused meditation at the time listed above.

All you need to do is to FEEL the energy of peace, as if it is already present in Syria (This is the critical component to this type of prayer).

Then visualize children in Syria being fed, people living in peace, and the government stable and serving the needs of all its citizens.

It’s Worth A Try
Most people believe they are powerless in the face of such violence. This is a simple way millions of people can add their energy to a positive solution for this humanitarian crisis. It has been proven over and over through other studies. Maharishi Effect Now we have the chance to demonstrate the power of our joined meditation and prayer. Please join us at the designated time, and share this with everyone you know.

James Twyman

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