Alania Starhawk – Flowering of the Heart – by We Believe In Light – 1-31-16

 Thanks to:  We Believe In Light


I welcome support and inspiration from all Light-filled realms of BEing!!

Remind me of who I am…and what is now in motion for me.


There is a flowering of energy flowing from deep within!!

As energy moves outward it unites with other energy that supports its frequency and vibration.   It draws ‘like’ energy to itself…and then returns to Source magnified.

This includes every prayer, effort, and energetic offering that can be.

We are perpetually expanding our concept of life, love, and personal identity.

This is what is meant by ‘flowering of the heart’.   It’s a natural expansion!!

Some may ask why every soul is not awakening at greater rates.    But we remind you that energy flows outward from within and attracts ‘like’ energy on its cyclical journey.



If you wish to welcome more love in….you must first radiate more love out. ♥

A Conversation with Divine Light

© Alania Starhawk 2016

Thanks to:  We Believe In Light

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