Suzanne Lie -Unconditionally Loving Your Self – Chakra Four – 1-28-16

Dear Readers,
We’ve now reached Week #4, and we focus on the heart chakra. Please continue to allocate 7 Minutes a day for the featured meditation and perform it for a full week. Thank you again for sharing all of your experiences.
Please keep sharing your wonderful comments in the blog post in which the chakra is introduced. I am sharing some of the third chakra (which we just completed) comments below so you can join in unity consciousness with your fellow participants.
Blessings and Unconditional Love to you all.
Welcome to the Year of Unconditional LOVE! 
We continue with Week #4 (Chakra #4 ~ Heart Chakra) in our 7-week process of performing daily 7-minute meditations focusing on our chakras and loving ourselves unconditionally.
 Unconditionally Loving Your Self
Chakra Four
Fourth Chakra
 Meditation for Chakra Four
Practice DAILY for 7 Days
  Fourth Chakra Meditation
As I focus on my heart chakra, I remember all the Unconditional Love that I have gifted myself so far. Once again, I ground this Unconditional Love in my first Chakra.
I Unconditionally Love my inner child in my second Chakra.
I accept the inner power that my Unconditional Love has released within my third Chakra. And I feel this collective energy field begins to move into my Heart Chakra.
As I allow this accumulation of Unconditional Love for myself to enter my Heart, I feel an inter-dimensional portal within me that embraces all my beloved embodiments and my not so happy embodiments and all my embodiments in between that I have ever had on the planet Earth.
I observe as all of these energy fields gather in my Heart Chakra.
Can I love all of these experiences unconditionally? And, can I love them this powerfully?
I slowly breathe in the concept of gathering these expressions of Unconditional Love in my Heart in the same manner that I would gather cherished objects in a basket.
Therefore I return to my first Chakra to recover one of my first memories of this incarnation. I feel this memory. I know that this is Me. This is the Me that first awakened within this physical Earth vessel. I reach down and embrace this Me. I Love this Me. I send this Me my Unconditional Love and I transport this Me in to my cherished basket of that which I Love that resides within my Heart Chakra.
I return once again to my second Chakra and to my childhood and my myriad emotions that arose within my childhood. I see my child, I Love my Child unconditionally, and I extend that offer as I embrace this Me and take this Me into my Heart, into the awareness of who I AM within this Now, within this incarnation. And I stay with this Me until I feel safe, until I know that I AM Who I AM.
I return to my third Chakra, and I see those very first expressions of my own inner power. And I observe as a loving parent who is proud of their child, and I am proud of My child, the child who I AM within myself.
I am proud of how I have matured and how I have faced all the adventures of that third Chakra – of all the thoughts that I have and all the thoughts that come to me and how I take the thoughts and blend them with the emotions of my second Chakra and pull them together into this package of a thought form of my thoughts and emotions since I first took this embodiment, and I matured into this embodiment.
I take this information and place it in that sacred basket of my heart so that I remember all that I have experienced in this life. I Unconditionally Love all that I have experienced in this life. I Accept all that I have been.
I Understand why I chose those experiences in my life.
For through the perception of my heart and with the collection of that innate wisdom of my childhood and the burgeoning power that have grown within me – my power within, and my ability to think about what I feel and feel how my thoughts interact with my consciousness, with my body, with my inner reality and with my outer reality.
And to this mix of my emotions and of my thoughts and the thought forms that my emotions and thoughts blend together to create — I add my Unconditional Love.
And with that Unconditional Love, I bring those thought forms in to my Heart where they can take sprout within my consciousness and move out with my every breathe.
For my Heart Chakra also rules my lungs, also rules my breath.
So, as I breathe in all that I have experienced within this incarnation send it Unconditional Love and breathe it out into the reality that I AM creating for myself and for my beloved planet Gaia.
Hello everyone, I wanted to put up my personal response to the Third Chakra, which we just completed.
My Third Chakra was always the most delicate area of my body, and I always had to eat very carefully and had many stomach issues. I realized as I did this meditation that a primary issue in my life has been that of
“power within vs. power over.”

I did not realize this fact until several hours after I recorded the meditation, as I was “busy with life.” Then when relaxed in a later meditation I felt the inner experience of feeling as if I did not have enough

“power within” to have “power over” my own life.

I suffered from depression until I was well into graduate school for being a psychotherapist and had to have a LOT of therapy. The therapy absolutely helped, but I think the primary cure was that same time, I began to journal the Arcturians.

It was only when I began to recognize my own Power Within that I realized how much my depression had been because I had not yet discovered my own power within. I know that there are many layers of this “power within” that are waited to discovered as I repeat this meditation every day for 7 days.

Blessings to you all, and thank you so very much for contributing your stories and experiences. It is in the manner that we are building Unity Consciousness.

One being stands alone, but when we UNITE we become ONE BEING.

sue lie

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