Steve Beckow – Changes in the Divine Plan Do Occur – 1-25-16

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Steve Beckow   –   Changes in the Divine Plan Do Occur   –   1-25-16


Contrary to what we may think, the Divine Plan isn’t static.

Neither is it being thought out on the fly.

The truth is somewhere in between.

For instance, when I interviewed the Arcturians through Sue Lie in late December 2015, they said in passing: “Whether or not our parallel or alternate realities will all collapse into the ascending Gaia has not yet been determined within the now.”

I asked them if there are still some elements of Ascension in particular that haven’t been determined yet, some aspects of the Ascension plan that hadn’t been firmed up. They replied: “Oh yes.” (1)

In 2015 Archangel Michael acknowledged that the Divine Plan changes: “Have there been many variables and many things that have interrupted and interfered and changed a particular motion?  Yes.” (2)

Mira the Pleiadian says the Divine Plan for Gaia changes every minute.

“We are involved with the strategic divine plan for the Earth. This plan is longstanding and flexible. It changes minute by minute. It impacts all of creation.” (3)

Earth’s is the first mass, physical Ascension in the universe. What happens here will, with appropriate changes, serve as the basis for Ascensions elsewhere.

Such is the need to change on occasion that, Sanat Kumara acknowledges, “there are times when even we are surprised.”

“At any time, there are many, many scenarios and pathways that can come, both within an individual life, within a group, and within the collective.” (4)

Ashtar through Philipp tells us that “the time for [major] changes in the Divine Plan is definitely over.” But he adds:

“Are there nuances which we have to consider and to react to? Of course there are. But, first of all, they are only nuances and not big changes.

“And, secondly, the plan now in place will not change in such a way that we will have to provide you once again with explanations for events which you consider to be ‘unfair,’ ‘not anticipated’ or ‘unexpected.’” (5)

Back in 2008, SaLuSa of Sirius explained to us that “there was a plan that allowed for the end of the cycle to occur at [the turn of the Millennium].

“But it was seen that there were greater prospects of more souls turning to the Light by completing the full cycle. That decision has proved decisive and correct, as the Light has continued to grow exponentially.

“Now the dark has been slowly restricted and denied further opportunities to cause calamities on Earth. You have your victory over the dark forces, and it only remains to remove their power and replace them by those who carry the Light.” (6)

Well, we know that our victory over the dark is still in the offing, seven years later. Not all has gone as predicted: enter freewill again.

Also enter human susceptibilities. The Arcturians told me the other day through Sue Lie that humanity wants major changes but when major changes occur humanity becomes confused, afraid, frustrated and angry.  Therefore the galactics have found that they need to take things in smaller steps than they’d planned and that slows things down as well.

Here’s Matthew Ward in 2014 on the relentless opposition of the Illuminati to the Divine Plan:

“The Golden Age master plan was designed so that when Barack Obama became US president in 2008, your world would eagerly support his efforts to unite all peoples in peace and harmony with Nature in accordance with Gaia’s vision.

“The Illuminati-led offensive against that objective has been relentless.  Even so, the light has shattered their international network and diminished the effectiveness of its remnants while engendering the expansion of grassroots movements around the globe and increasingly successful behind-the-scenes negotiations.” (7)

Ashtar explained that honoring our free will has limits. Our free will cannot be allowed to defeat the Divine Plan.

“Your Free Will is the most precious commodity that you have received from Spirit and it is, to all who are taking part in the process of the Ascension of the human Collective, holy and surely not to be violated.

“But it is not only the uplift of humanity that is dependent upon your Ascension – your Ascension has an effect on the whole Universe. Therefore, your Free Will is holy as a part of the Ascension but it can not and must not lead to the situation where the Divine Plan is not implemented. Your Free Will is considered insofar as it is compatible with the Divine Plan.”  (8)

He confirmed that we can affect or change the Plan through the exercise of our willpower, as we apparently did in 2012. He gives the conditions under which this can happen.

“Is it possible to adjust and to modify the Divine Plan by your willpower? Of course – as long as it is compatible with the Plan, as happened when humanity decided to ascend collectively. Spirit has considered your collective – not individual – Free Will and has agreed that humanity will ascend together, so the Divine Plan was adjusted accordingly. But there was a clear agreement relating to the conditions for this adjustment:

“First of all, it should not mean that Gaia and her inhabitants have to stay much longer in the lower vibrations. Please remember that it was Gaia herself who asked for help and who initiated the ‘Ascension’ project. Furthermore, your Ascension is affecting the whole Universe, and it is the pioneer for the Ascension of other planets in your Universe. For this reason the ‘waiting period’ was deliberately concise.

“A further condition is that the individual Free Will of a few can no longer affect the Collective Free Will. Herewith we are referring to those who for some reason do not want to take part in the Ascension, be it for keeping the status quo and not losing their power, or because they have planned their Ascension for a later time.” (9)

(To be concluded in Part 2 tomorrow.)


Change 33(Concluded from Part 1.)

If we’re to understand why timing does not work out the way we expect it, we have to remember a number of things.

We have to remember that timing is not what governs the Divine Plan’s unfoldment; frequency is. The Federation of Light explained to Blossom Goodchild in 2014:

“These ‘happenings’ as you well KNOW, Blossom … depend very much … not on a specific date … but on a vibrational marker. These pre-ordained happenings … can only derive from a certain frequency that they are ‘tuned into’. When that ‘attunement’ is in Divine order … then the happening can happen. …

“You see, Blossom … This is where so much between ‘you’ upon Earth and ‘us’ … not upon Earth … can be misinterpreted. For you say ‘the timing of the frequency’  and even though you jest … you are using the word ‘timing’ …

“Yet,  there is no timing … there is only energy vibration … and when the vibration is valid … it will … by natural law … bring about … ‘spring into action’ if you like … that which is set to ‘take place’ … as that frequency becomes charged.” (1)

A second thing we need to remember is that we change our minds about our soul contracts and slow things down, as Archangel Michael discusses here:

“Can you … understand (we do not mean to single you out, Steve) how discouraging it can be when human beings, time and time and time again, choose pathways that are definite detours, shall we say, from what they had initially chosen?

“Now, does this mean they have lost their way? No. Does this mean that they are finding an alternate route? Perhaps.

“But it most certainly slows down things.” (2)

A third thing to remember is that large, macrocosmic changes of mind occur as well, as the human collective showed prior to Dec. 21, 2012. Again Archangel Michael discusses this ground for changes.

He said in 2014 that the Company of Heaven was as surprised as we were at humanity’s decision. The decision took a lot of adjustment, he says.

“In this past year – your time, not ours – we are adjusting and translating a huge discordant note. Now, do not think of a discordant note as something that is bad. Sometimes it simply gives the entire symphony new meaning and new direction.

“The discordant note was humanity’s choice to ascend together. That required, on our part, might we say, some major adjustments. Now, were we taken by surprise? Yes and no. There’s very little, my friends, that takes us by surprise.” (3)

We were well on our way to Ascension but we decided to move out of the cave into the light together.

“You were well on your way in terms of your Ascension path, and you had been preparing for it, really, for thousands of years, but in earnest, for decades. And the preparatory work, particularly, had been done by Raj and had been done by Raphael and done by your star brothers and sisters that kept Gaia stable, so that she did not wobble off her axis.

“But that discordant note shifted things, not in a negative way, in a delightful way that informed us — and when I say ‘us’ I mean all, and therefore, of course, the Mother who knows you best — that you were further along the entrainment path, but also the opening to love, that while you may have been in the hologram, while you may have been in the cave, that you in fact, saw the light and that you had decided, collectively, to move out of the cave, into the light, and claim the truth of who you are and why you came.” (4)

He discussed some of the results of that decision.

“This could have gone several ways, and there are always a number of pathways. The plan of the Mother has so many variables and accommodates so many variations, it is not possible for you to conceive of this. We do not say this in a derogatory way. It is simply that the human brain isn’t there yet. Not even your supercomputers are there yet.

“But you received the inspiration and you declared yourself. Now, what did that do to the timeline? It created some delay, it opened the door for more — and to make a higher quantum leap, by the way, which is something that we’ve never discussed — and it truly marked a shift, a very significant shift in what we perceive and how we act in partnership with you.” (5)

Thus the Divine Plan takes into account more variables and variations than we could possibly imagine. It’s a dynamic phenomenon which takes into account our freewill, the freewill of Gaia and the needs of other civilizations who are watching our Ascension in preparation for their own.

No one party’s free will exclusively determines what changes and doesn’t change in the Plan.  Some elements of free will overrule others. For instance, Gaia’s needs take precedence over ours.

The Plan is not so much concerned with timing as it is with frequency. It changes to accommodate the changed minds of individuals and the human collective.

Finally, the Divine Plan in its major contours is unstoppable. What God wills will happen. The dark can delay it but not defeat it.

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