Brian The Dragon – Harmonics of the Old Energy, to New Energy- Transition – You are here – 1-24-16

This is the Dragon, We have given predictions in the past and briefly talked about energies of the harmonics of the shift. This message will be short and focused on energy, with no predictions.

We know the potentials, however it is up to humanity to decide what to make of the energies. It is meant to be abstract and just disseminate basic information that will help you reflect.

We have been giving this to our partner for a while, and though always approximately accurate – within months on the longer timescales – we’ve been getting better with him at refining the timescales, and have been fine-tuning things.

Many things you know of from music to scientific studies of waves involves harmonics. Usually, harmonics are equal divisions, however there can be sub-harmonics. In that way, there are also harmonics in he energies of the vibrational changes of your shift over time.

Some of these harmonics you may already be aware of. Others, not. Instead of going chronlogically and linearly, we are going to do this in a more interesting way. We’re going to start closest to your present time’s (2016’s) sub-harmonic and peel back those layers all the way to the greater harmonics, like rings on a tree.

But first.. **** Dec 21, 2012 is the center-point or energy zero-point, which wasn’t a momentary drop to 0 life force energy but a drop to a threshold. Each harmonic after 2016 is reflected back to an identical harmonic leading up to Dec 21, 2012.

One being a new-energy harmonic and sub-harmonic, and one being old-energy. However, through free will, and your expectations as dense physical beings, the transition to acknowledgement of the new energy is a slow one.

Note that the portal for Dec 21, 2012 opened on Dec 12, 2012. This is the only energy portal (or vortex) that we will discuss in this message, because it’s the most important one. Humanity has numerological significance in time cycles that actually – through free will again – results in time cycles and time harmonics having significance, So you’ll find an equal number years on either side of center-point.

Clairvoyant artists or even visual spiritualists can probably take this channeling and draw a picture of the energies of the timestream as described by these cycles, since they can be depicted visually very beautifully. Keep in mind that the energy of these time-cycles is also driven by the consciousness humanity.

If you change the status-quo, then your consciousness can speed up these time cycles. However, a shift and , evolution and ascension of mankind is already encoded in the energies of these time-cycles since 1987, so simply undergoing mass ascension isn’t necessarily a change in your present consciousness.

Each of these cycles do repeat energy elements of the larger cycles in different ways, which can sometimes give the impression of humanity repeating the same mistakes (or same ephiphanies in the new energies) in slightly different ways. Each cycle usually contains one upswing and downswing in vibration.

Finally, the way the cycles grow out from 2012 like rings on a tree, bigger and bigger, should hint at the non-linearity of time… Without further ado.. **** Cusp sub-harmonics:Dec 2008 to Dec, 2012 and Dec, 2012 to Dec, 2016.

This is reflected in Dec, 2008 through Dec, 2012. Both four years. In the 2008-2012 sub-harmonic, let’s first talk about a different timeline that you thankfully didn’t experience. There was an end to a world war, and a rebuilding of society ravished by war, but rebuilt with more compassion. Instead, you had financial shake-ups in your timelines at the start, and a rebuilding of your financial systems there-after.

So, 2008-2012 was usually a rebuilding cycle regardless of the timeline. It is on the other side of the cusp, but married closely to the 2012-2016 cycle. You can look and use your spiritual common sense and think about being in the last year of this sub-harmonic means energy-wise.

What does it mean in terms of your world events? It’s up to humanity to decide. **** Mass awakenings harmonics: Dec 1999 to Dec 2012 and Dec 2012 to Dec 2025. Sub-harmonics: Dec 1999 to Dec 2008 and Dec. These were time-scales of great shifting in human consciousness. Think about what happened from Dec 1999 to Dec 2012?

Was it the same world anymore, or were there fundamental changes? It started with “y2k”, major destruction of a man-made wonder and many lives, war, beginning of your markets being unstable and unpredictable. It had a “smell” of change in the air.

Another major development was the internet reaching everyday use and an acceleration of the fledgling space age by its movement into the private sector. Indigos and adult indigos started to take their energy at this point, born as early back as baby-boomers but especially in the last couple decades.

The first crystals started to appear (even though it was premature and many had to revert to indigo energy). Did some people awaken and become more spiritual, while others became more fearful? Were there devout people who – though mired in dogma – felt that it was a special time?

Did your world start to re-align? We can say that as you approach closer to Dec 2025, you are going to be completing both sides of this cycle. That’s not too off. Within these two harmonics, a movement towards a critical mass is happening. **** Fourth modern harmonic (old energy); Ascension cycles;

Personal awakening (old and new): Aug 1987 to Dec 2012 and Dec 2012 to March 2038. You may know already quite a bit about the harmonic convergence. It was also the beginning of many personal awakenings, but not yet a mass awakening. In the old energy timeframe, there are small pockets of spiritual awakening trying to ground a lot of new energy in the old energy age.

On the flip-side, by 2038 we can say energetically you will have one foot more firmly in what you call the aquarian age, whatever that means for your experience as physical beings. The old energy timeframe also included the beginning of environmental concern being wide-spread and outnumbering those who had little regard for the environment and nature. Humanity began repairing its relationship with gaia (note that even human technology is still a part of nature, and gaia) ****

Third modern harmonic: 1946 to 2012 and 2012 to 2078: This is clearly marked in old energy as the end of two major world wars, a new global paradigm and arrival of the baby boomers and first mass arrival of indigo children. In the new energy, if you look at the entire timescale **** Second modern harmonic convergence (old energy);

Completion cycle (new energy): mid 1800s to 2012; 2012 to 2200: In the old energy, this timeframe was marked by the end of the industrial revolution reaching global scale, by the beginning of transcendental thought and writing, and by new social paradigms and thought like Marxism. The completion of the industrial revolution gave way to the luxury of more advanced thought.

However, the times that ensued also were marked with a sort of dis-function between the quest for social progress, scientific growth, technological innovation resulting in significant control and a feeling – quite misplaced – that mankind can control nature, even their own.

It doesn’t seem unnatural that the new energy version of that may contain similar rate of growth, but in a different way. We’ll leave any predictions beyond that up to humanity. **** Renaissance (old energy);

Mature Collective and Galactic Community (new energy): You all know the approximate timeframe for the renaissance period. There is a similar cycle in the new energy for the first half of the millenia that will result in the full emergence of the “Great Genuis” or the human collective, even though significant chunks of that will be realized previously, you could say that halfway through the millenia, it will be mature.

Almost like you finished a book of how the whole universe works. Your role as galactic and universal wayfinders will have been realized and Earth will be a very different place.

That seems far off, but some of you will still be alive, and others will be back only in their first reincarnation after this one. Your whole experience of time will have changed. **** Anything beyond these cycles involves a very long timeframe and really talking about the evolution of the “5th world” in the sense of how your indigenous have described it.

In the aquarian age, time will have a very different feel and flow, being non-linear, and even talking about the mature collective cycle in terms of time is a stretch.

Talking about anything beyond that in terms of time is – although mappable in a sense – complete silliness.


With Love, The Dragon

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