Twin Flames and Primary Soul Mate role – by Multidimensional Ocean – 1-24-16

 Twin Flames 2
Twin flames and primary soul mate role – by Multidimensional Ocean 24th Jan. 2016
Many souls have accompanied our soul self through various incarnations. We meet many past lives lovers and husbands in this life in order to balance out what still remains to be balanced.
The journey of love and forgiveness is a long and repetitive one indeed for us humans.
The primary soulmate is the one who you have shared most love and most karmic experiences. Now is the time for us to forgive and forget our primary soulmate.
It is also a time to welcome back into our life our twin flame. The love that is eternal will very quickly be rekindled between you and the need for one another will be obvious.
Via incarnations and in this life, many of the experiences in love that we had took place in order to prepare the work for healing the past with our primary soulmate. We have met many people that share a common energy with him.
Before you meet the twinflame, perhaps 2 years before or so, it is possible that you also meet an identical energy to your twin flame, but things should not be allowed to develop as you would expect because .. well. this is just someone whose energy is almost identical to that of your twin, but he is not your twin. He is only preparing you for the love that awaits you and shows you the way to the highest levels of love and consciousness.
When you meet your actual twin flame, you will feel it in ways that are beyond doubt and that you knew since your birth planning.
Enjoy the reunion.
Multidimensional Ocean

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