Not Knowing, Non-Being – The Power of Nothingness – Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Hilary Hart – 7-20-15


Desert and void. The Uncreated is waste and emptiness to the creature. Not even sand. Not even stone. Not even darkness and night. A burning wilderness would at least be “something.” It burns and is wild. But the Uncreated is no something. Waste. Emptiness. Total poverty of the Creator; yet from this poverty springs everything.1

Thomas Merton

Almost everything that has been written about spiritual life in the West is about what happens from the plane of pure being down into the planes of manifestation. Awakening to the peace and wholeness of the Higher Self, mindfulness, selfless service, or working with the archetypes and the energies of the Earth—all take place in the realms of existence.But there is another esoteric science, a very different set of spiritual teachings that have to do with the hidden face of God, the invisible substance of the Absolute that is both here and not here. Because just as the Absolute is, the Absolute is not.

Mystical intelligence that touches into the void becomes an open window into the vast emptiness of the Absolute, has an important role to play in how the Absolute creates, transforms, and destroys its world. But there is no spiritual knowledge on the plane of non-being. There is not-knowing. One can’t explain how to work with nothingness, because it’s not a “how to.” How can you “do” something with nothing? How can you even find what does not exist?

But it is important to know that the nothingness is real. It is a very powerful dimension because the energy of the Absolute has not been dispersed yet; it hasn’t been scattered into fragments, refracted into form.

Consider how sunlight functions. Sunlight streams through the darkness of space where it is invisible. As soon as it hits the plane of manifestation the light refracts into the brilliance of form and color. It is only after light is reflected that it becomes visible, but at that same moment of reflection some quality of the light is lost. If one looks at the leaves of a tree, one is seeing the sunlight reflected from a beautiful form, but the sunlight itself has become diminished. It is no longer as pure—a quality of its essential nature is no longer present.

It is the same with energies of Absolute Truth. Once energy comes into the plane of manifestation it is not only dispersed but it is harder to work with. It is much denser. It moves more slowly. It has already become defined. Even a thought-form already belongs to the plane of manifestation. While our thoughts are easier to change than a building, it is still more difficult than working with energy before it has become constricted by form.

In nothingness, there is tremendous freedom because there are no restrictions—who or what is there to create any restriction?

Life needs human beings whose consciousness can work within the nothingness. Particularly, it needs the love and power that is there. Within the void is love in its completeness—love that is undifferentiated, unlimited, and very, very pure. Love is the substance of the universe, the substance of life. Love is the greatest power in creation. The energy of love spins the atoms, spins the world, spins the galaxies.

In the void, love starts to sing, and it sings its own song rather than the song you want it to sing. If you can let love do what it wants to do then it can take you somewhere else entirely, into the beyond of the beyond, into life’s deepest mystical mystery. Here, at the source of the Source is love’s deepest truth, which is also our truth.

It is the same with power. In the void, power has not yet been diminished by the structures of creation or the dynamics of human beings. There are no hierarchies or power dynamics, no abuse or misuse. Pure power has the potential to create, transform, and destroy anything and everything—in an instant.

For centuries, mystics have worked between the worlds, at the intersection of nothing and something, in service to the evolution of the whole. Working in nothingness gives us access to a dimension free from definitions and free from any form of corruption. And all our definitions belong to the past. If there is any hope for the future—if the future is going to be real—it must be free of the contamination that restricts what is and what will be with what has gone before.

Levels of Reality

In order to align our intelligence with the nothingness, we need to remember that we are made in the image of God; we are microcosm of the entire universe. This means that our consciousness has access to all levels of existence and non-existence.We have forgotten how many levels of reality there are, and that each level has its own laws. For example, the law of cause and effect governs the physical plane. As Newton said, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. We see examples of this law all around us.

On the level of the Higher Self, or the Soul, there are different sets of laws. The Self is a plane of oneness, and oneness works differently from the physical world, which is a plane of multiplicity.  In oneness, individuals are known by their unique true nature and yet are also one with all life.

While on the plane of the Self everything is revealed according to its true nature, on the plane of nothingness, everything is absorbed back into its very essence. Just as darkness absorbs light, nothingness absorbs and yet at the same times reveals the very essence of what is.

But the plane of nothingness is not separate, it is not “other.” Rather, it is an integral part of the whole. It might be distinct from the plane of the Self or Soul, but it is not separate from it.

When our intelligence knows itself to be part of an interrelated whole, life is free and dynamic, flowing from level to level. The experience of miracles is the phenomenon of a higher level of reality interceding or influencing another plane. Such experiences are not conditioned by effort; rather they are expressions of grace.

Today, we continually solidify the energy of life, demanding that life express itself through things we can see and feel and own. This fundamental materialism has taken a great toll on us as well as on every level of creation, denying both the reality of other dimensions and restricting how all dimensions—including the dimension of non-being—can work together.

This solidity has even crept into our spiritual traditions. We think of “enlightenment” as a place of perpetual rest—like being a passenger on a cruise ship, sea-breezes caressing us into eternity. Yes, there is great peace on the plane of the Self. But realization of the Self is not the end of the journey. Beyond the Self is what is not.

The Self is a fulcrum between these dimensions, a dynamic gateway between being and non-being. The intelligence of the Self knows that everything is present at each moment of time.

Life is filled with emptiness. And the emptiness is pulsating with love.




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