DEcoding, DEprograming the Human Mind – Méline Lafont, The Elohim of Light, Steven North – 1-20-16

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Steven North:

The Human Mind

I was originally planning on writing this article about my own experience but the ego mind is something much more intrinsic in nature and that every person on this planet is experiencing the negative impacts of an outdated system that I felt it more appropriate to have Amy discuss it.

The human mind in its current state is going through a tremendous change, it is being flooded with layers of new light codes to activate information, to plant new seeds of thoughts and to assist their evolutionary state as the fifth dimension becomes into the physicality of the planet. Much work is being done in the various realms for this planet in order to help humanity and there are people that have incarnated on this planet to help the planet, help humanity or the plant life in order to prepare the planet to shift into a higher vibration of living.

With the large amount of energy work that is going through the human mind, releasing of past issues, the density of karma, there is in fact resistance and one may not be able to transcend the negative programming that has been so engrained into the DNA of humanity. After the fall of Atlantis, the minds of humanity were still clear, in other words, they had not been influenced by the negative consciousness layers that began to infiltrate the planet. The negative thoughts, the lust for power, the control, material possessions, it all began to create chaos in the system of things.

So what we’re going to discuss is the human mind and how the soul is seeking to disconnect from this construct, this is commonly referred to as ‘the lower self’ but it is in fact, the human mind. The human mind is negative in its ways and it likes to fight, it does not want to release the grip it has on humanity and it will try to tell you that you are not good enough, that you will fail, that you do not deserve happiness and send in a plethora of reasons as to why you should not do things.

As I told this one some time ago, it is important to know when the negative side of things is taking over and it is rather easy, it is when you start to feel anxiety, worry or stress and it is an indication that your mind is in control, not your heart or soul. When this happens, it is harder for spirit guides to get through to reach their incarnate.

Let’s talk some more about the human mind and how it performs. There are many theories that the human mind is in fact the brain but this isn’t true. The brain is a muscle that flows through energy and regulates the functions of the physical vessel. The mind is something that we share with our soul in both the physical and non-physical state of beings. Such as, if an incarnate is alive today and they pass over, the mindset that they have today will also be carried over to the other side of the veil. If they are in a lower state of what they call, the ‘ego’ mind, then that mindset will carry on over and that soul will be required to incarnate again.

So the physical vessel itself can be seen as a radio and the mind is influenced by many factors such as the DNA through the physical family lines, the surroundings and influences from others as well as consciousness. The element of consciousness is the next thing that we’re going to talk about and why it is so important today to begin to deprogram ourselves to stop operating from the mind and step into the heart.

Consciousness can be seen as layers of energy, you could say that in a way to describe it, so that it can be visualised is that consciousness is layer upon layer and operate in different waveforms. There are lower forms of consciousness which vibrate at a lower vibratory rate and then there are the layers of higher consciousness that operate at a higher rate and some are referenced as Christ Consciousness, Light Consciousness, God Consciousness & Melchizedek Consciousness. Further information on Melchizedek Consciousness and the five levels of Christ Consciousness are discussed in great detail by Anrita Melchizedek – (

If one person operates at a lower level of consciousness, it can be altered with and this can develop a strong sense of what they call ‘the ego’. Now this is defined as the ‘lower self’ in its simplest form. We can carry on and discuss the creation of the lower self, how the human mind devolved, how it is able to be penetrated when operating in a lower level of consciousness but this is all part of the overall evolutionary plan of humanity. How is one to raise their level of awareness & consciousness when the human race is very young in reference to other intergalactic brothers & sisters without experiencing the darkness? One can say that all of that in which humanity is experiencing is part of the overall plan. In summary, it is not up to God to change the future of humanity but humanity itself and this is what has been happening over the thousands of years as the human race evolves.

It is in truth, the lower levels of consciousness is what us incarnates need to learn to transcend. It is through raising our own level of awareness through things such as mindfulness, meditation, practising stillness of the mind and observing our actions, reactions & interactions, that we are able to obtain not only a deeper level of understanding but a deeper level of peace within our state of being.

When we begin to work on ourselves, when we choose to change, this is when the ego steps in but the ego, whilst being a representative of the old ways will surely resist and many people find struggle in dealing with this. Whilst there are many people that do not desire to awaken and locked into their belief systems due to being in fear. All that have walked the path of awakening have experienced the ego mindset and has experienced much heartache and struggle in an effort to reverse the control that the ego has on their way of being.

There is much more information that has been channelled throughout the years on the Human Mind and the necessity of ‘releasing’ the lower self and these beautiful people that are doing this work are also bringing forth ways to help ease with this work of transition between and guiding humanity into embodying the ‘higher self’ and one of these ways is what we’re going to present to you now.

A brief Introduction…

An amazing & beautiful co-creation has manifested with Méline Lafont from Awaken Spirit from Within and Steven North, which is aimed to assist humanity with Decoding & Deactivation of the Human Mind with The Elohim of Light and to release the lower self (ego) as well as easing of the ascension by reacclimatising the vibrational bodies to a new level of light. The planet is being prepared to embed the 5th dimensional frequencies into its core physicality and for the incarnates, this means that they are required to do the inner work and raise their levels of awareness. This work helps by creating a foundation to allow the clearing of the lower self and embedding the higher self (soul) in order to step in what is commonly referred to as the ‘soul-self’ or authenticity.

Throughout time, incarnates have had to adopt other people’s personalities in order to fit in or be accepted. To ignore their own feelings and beliefs and adapt in order to survive, in order to cope. This way of living is not healthy and more people are being encouraged to step up into their own authentic selves and this can be done by reprogramming the mind through vibration, light & attunements. This work that we’re bringing forward now is to bring humanity back to it’s original setting prior to the fall of Atlantis. Are you ready to change your life?

For centuries, the human mind has been going through havoc because of the lower self (the ego) and it can also cause problems on the other side of the veil. If the human mind were to be transformed, in other words, the ego to be silenced, then the mind can be used in a different way. It can be harnessed and connected to the collective consciousness. – Archangel Metatron in a personal reading for Steven via Jocelyn Joy Thomas from Joy’s Readings.

A small bit of history as to what created this co-creation

Amy guided me into a conversation with her in regards to the thoughts and discussions of what the higher self is, I had been receiving much advice from Amy to meditate and that should I meditate on the vibration of my soul, there is the possibility of unlocking soul knowledge. However, in order to unlock soul knowledge, one must be free of the lower self. So this had me thinking and pondering about what exactly are they saying. I had previously used Méline’s product and had purchased as I really wanted to break free from the control of the negative ego mind. The ego mind had brought on so much suffering, grief and heart ache that I didn’t want to exist with it and wanted to focus on being free.

So the pondering continued for some time and started to become to the realisation that the human mind is in fact the ego and that the disconnection of the human mind needed to occur in order to integrate the soul-self, to be integrated with the soul memory rather than the human mind on its own. That the human mind is limited and the potential is far greater when integrated with the collective consciousness and the soul-self. I sought information through a reading via Joy through Archangel Metatron and is being used as the opening quote for this group work.

My Question: One of the things I’m currently attempting to work on is the disconnection of the human mind and to integrate the soul-self. To be more integrated with the soul memory rather than the human mind on its own. There’s a theory in which I believe that the human mind is limited as the potential to be far greater and integrated with the collective consciousness.

AA Metatron via Joy: The human mind creates much havoc for incarnates, it can even cause problems when you are on the other side. It is the lower self or ego that wants things to be a certain way. That depends on them being that way and it creates separation amongst not only one another but within. Going within and disconnecting with the mind, the chatter, the endless stream of meaningless thoughts and become one that observes this is the way towards peace and when you have peace you can find truth. You can be truth. Then you can easily tap into soul memory it is all there for you to read. It cannot be done with the human mind, reaching the soul is the only way.

Yes if the human mind were to be transformed in other words if the ego were to be silenced then the mind can be used in a different way. It can be harnessed and yes connected to the collective consciousness, this is the way things will be going in time, when more people learn that the ego is not the true voice and that they are far more than what it represents.

The Heart Activation Music & Elohim Attunement

The Heart Activation Music is a powerful healing tool that also helps with many different areas of life. It helps one get out of the mindset and into the heart and it has in fact helped many people with finding stability during emotional instability. It helps channellers by supporting their energy, it has activated crystals within crystal stores, shifted vibrations of rooms, healed emotional trauma and it also works with the subconscious mind and the list continues to grow.

By utilising the attunement from The Elohim of Light channelled through Méline Lafont with the Heart Activation Music provides amazing support for the deprogramming of the old belief systems, the lower self (ego mind), negative programming, embedding new positive programming and attunements given by The Elohim and then combining it with the Heart Activation Work to help a person shift to the light consciousness and expand into the heart space of Love. The biggest challenge of ‘awakening’ is to get out of the mind and move into the heart. This opens the path way to merge more with the soul-self and step into one’s own authentic self or what I prefer to call the merging of the higher-self.

What to Anticipate

We all come together online to create a ’round table’ and we begin with the introduction, how the sessions work, what we will be doing and the purpose of this. Amy (Steven’s Spirit Guide) will also be providing further information as Steven channels her through the bond that is the twin flame.

The meditation itself runs for a duration of 60 minutes and begins with Méline Lafont introducing the work through her magical voice and follows on by channelling The Elohim of Light which is when the energies of The Elohim are present. They guide us, through a series of attunements to help us step out of the mind and into the heart.

After the 30 minute attunement is received, it follows up with Steven North’s & Amy’s Heart Activation Music where various crystals have received programming and attunements. There are four different crystals that have received various programs and assist the facilitation of the integration into the heart, clear the unconscious mind, clear debris within the chakra system and embed the seeds of light consciousness into the incarnate.

Prior to commencement of the meditation, we will be all setting our intention to call in Archangel Uriel, Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron & Archangel Haniel, our Spirit Guides, our Archangel Guides & our Ascended Master guides to help overlight these attunements.

As we’re working with many different energy layers of the physical vessel, these high vibrational attunements will need to be used with headphones to take full advantage of receiving the energies.

Each group session runs for a period of 6 weeks. This is to ensure that all the codes are embedded into all layers of the etheric field (as Méline describes) and our light bodies.

Note: These online sessions will be guided by Steven North, Méline is not attending these but her work and energy is infused in this session by means of this audio.

– Week 1: Introduction & 60 minute meditation session
– Week 2: Discussion & 60 minute meditation session
– Week 3: Discussion & 60 minute meditation session
– Week 4: Discussion & 60 minute meditation session
– Week 5: Discussion & 60 minute meditation session
– Week 6: Discussion & 60 minute meditation session (last session)

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Méline Lafont

Méline is an amazing and beautiful person whom lives in Belgium and has been a source of inspiration & information during my own awakening, among others and helps with aligning people with their self.

Méline Lafont has made this work possible by channelling ‘The Elohim of Light’ whom have provided humanity through her, the deactivation & activation codes to assist in the purification of the mind and activate God consciousness along with the removing of the old codes of the mind matrix.

Méline Lafont is a lightworker living in Belgium, Europe. She is a full time single mom of 3 children, Channeler, gatekeeper and Ascension guide that functions through the violet Ray along with Saint Germain, to assist fellow travelers of Light in this community of Oneness and Love. Méline is very in tune with Saint Germain and the dolphin collective as well as with the Ascended Master realms and the Pleiadians, as these are an intrinsic part of her journey, service work and being. Méline provides messages, activations and service work that aligns you with your Self and this is done by offering a key to inner work and re-awakening, which is YOU. With a little “push” she guides you to where you need to be at this time in a most loving way. Méline is a Star seeded one of the Pleiades and central sun Alcyone, that is birthed through the Violet Ray as Master Saint Germain’s Twin Flame, Lady Portia under the sing of Aquarius.

Source & Further Information :!about/cacr

Steven North

At a very early age, Steven was diagnosed with ADHD, endured two lots of drug therapy regimes (child & adult) and the adult years of medication saw Steven venture onto the take the path of self-discovery and looking to find an understanding of how his own mind operated. In 2010, after the cessation of the regime at cold turkey, through the support of a shaman, he began the venture of trying to figure out whom he was without the suppression of the medication.

During a channelling sessions with another’s spirit guide, Steven was provided with a plethora of information about whom he was and that in regards to the mind, that the best way to learn how to heal the mind is to work on oneself.  The challenge that Steven faced with the mindset was the ego, the engrained negative thoughts, negative behavioural patterns, self-sabotaging systems and it was in fact a difficult journey.

It was in the year of 2015 that Steven was introduced to his spirit guide & twin flame Amy (Joy did the introductions) whom has been his support and helping him through many emotional experience in the period of 2015. Amy has been helping Steven remember and facilitating a lot of the work on the other side of the veil. Inspiring him to follow his passion for music and combining it with crystals. Whilst Steven was going through a troubling state of depression & grief in 2015, it saw the development of the ‘Heart Activation Music’ with the launch beginning on the night of the Blue Moon (31 July 2015). That was the only date the room booked was available!

More information about Steven can be found at (NB: Work in Progress)

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