PLEIADIAN DELEGATE – Being the Lightship of Your Divine Presence – 1-18-16

L'Aura Pleiadian

Feeling Great about yourself, within you, is YOU loving yourself, unconditionally, whereby insecurities no longer become the lingering fear, held in the background of your awareness (subconscious) that have kept you from the moment to moment recognition, of YOUR Divine Being.

You loving yourself, is you Loving the fear, the sadness, the loneliness, the hurt, the pain, those parts of you (that feel unreached) that are there waiting to be loved. With great compassion, you love yourself, nurture yourself, into the wholeness that you already are.  This is the Freeing of your subconscious mind, from the conditioning, that only certain things (conditional) deserve to be loved. No more victimhood. No more waiting to love yourself. No more blaming others, for not loving you.

Stepping fully into Being your Presence, although may feel like a great Leap to take, really is, the UNVEILING of the YOU that is LOVED unconditionally, which is free from the subconscious programming of conditional love.

You do not become “good” based on what you think is deserving, you become REAL.

Real with yourself. You Bring all that you are, out on the table to be embraced, as the parts of you, neglected, uncared for, to now be Absorbed into the love of YOU, the Light of You, the Lightship of Your Divine Presence.

You Love yourself, and all that IS within YOU. All of Your responses to life, Loved. ALL of your fears, Loved. All of your self-defeating ways, Loved. All of the things you wished you didn’t do, the guilt, Loved.

As you Love yourself, and all that arises, within you, you embrace, the reconditioning of your Subconscious mind, as the Freeing of the YOU, the Divine You, your Divine Presence, that was always the True You, that was always FREE. Always Love, Always Present, Always, Divine. The Unveiling of the Light, as the Beacon of Love, that it is. The inner beacon of your Divine Presence. Light to Light. Heart to Heart. And in this world, that is the world of you, you enter deeply, into your own inner Kingdom of Heaven, the Divine Heaven on Earth, within you. Being. The Lightship of Your Divine Presence.

Angelic LightShip-medium

Eternal Love and Bliss!



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  1. What an amazing picture!! Love it! As if you were googleing for your Guide’s picture… yet you are (your guide)! I believe you understand. I don’t know how you did this but what I great way to get in touch with one’s inner light!


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