Suzanne Maresca – Clearing The Decks – 1-16-16

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There’s no doubt that the Cosmic Energies and Planetary Alignments have supported all manner of both individual and collective release these days.

Free will allows each of us to choose how fluid we want to be with what changes come as a result of all our clearing.

In the space of three months last year, my ex-husband re-married, my father passed away, and I cut off contact with a man I’d been speaking with practically every day for nearly two years.

It was actually kind of a brilliant topping for a transformative year, and yes I really do mean that.

We all want to love and be loved, so when we find someone who fits some of what we want in a partner, it’s kind of easy to see only what we want to see.

If we don’t care to engage in relationship that is anything less than honest and loving, we need to have clarity about what we do want.

Somehow we need to emerge out of our illusions, and Spirit always does bring us what we need.

For me, the finality of events around the significant men in my life was already quite a remarkable thing to take notice of. Two weeks after the death of my father though, a blast of Wrathful Goddess energy from a 3-hour Coronal Mass Ejection inspired my decision to no longer engage in a relationship that did not serve or honor me.

So this is what clearing the decks looks like! We’ll all go through this in our own way, but I have to say that following guidance, practicing self-care and going with the flow of whatever shows up all serve to smooth out the journey.

It isn’t so much what’s presented in our lives that matters. It’s what we choose to do with what we’re given that determines what our next experiences will be.

A few weeks ago in the night, I was given an incredibly specific instruction to spend the following day bringing stuff that belongs to my ex down out of the attic. I packed it all up and set it neatly outside for him to pick up, all in alignment with my guidance.

And seriously, just like that it was done and gone.

Is that not a most delicious metaphor for cleaning house?

And I’m grateful for all of it. If it wasn’t for the choices made by others, I might not have been catalyzed into seeing what lies at the core of my relationship patterns with men.  There’s always a gift somewhere.

As it turns out, the original cause of those patterns precedes the relationship I had with my biological father.  It goes back to a pre-Earth event involving Father/Mother God, as freaky as that may sound.

In any case, we’re living through some exciting times right now. Every day brings new opportunity to notice and let go of the behaviors, beliefs and even the people that we’ve allowed to hold us back from expanding into our Divine and beautiful selves.

After all, it takes an empty vessel to receive.

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