The Arcturians – I’m Here for Gaia – by Steve Beckow – 1-14-16


There’s a difference for me in interviewing Archangel Michael and the Arcturians. With Linda’s Archangel Michael, I’m reporting for duty, getting the download from the Company of Heaven, hearing from top management.

With Sue Lie’s Arcturians, it usually becomes more of an exploration of mystical topics or topics associated with human growth.  It’s as if we’re in a consciousness workshop together and they’re the group leaders. But I’m always conscious that their wisdom is deep as much as they try to make me feel at home.

Our discussion on this week’s Hour with an Angel turned quite a bit on consciousness, impediments to awareness, how to handle fear, how to access higher frequencies, and ways to ride out the expected waves of sudden wealth or other major event. They encouraged us to shift from an attitude where I am here for me to an attitude where I am here for Gaia. I am here to serve.

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We discussed the increased need for meditation right at this time. However no matter how I tried to entice them into giving us a preview of 2016, they would not.

My favorite quote:

“It’s crowded up here, with all the Angels and ascended masters and the Elohim. And we’re all hanging out in the core of Gaia.

“This is an exciting time. This is a big party.  … And it’s a big party for humanity. … As you connect with this power of unconditional love, violet fire, spiritual connection, planetary connection, you’re not just one person alone that is facing something that could be scarey.

“You are coming to your comprehensive examination in preparation for your Ascension. Now that’s exciting.”

That is exciting.  Come join us on An Hour with an Angel.

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