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Well, now… where were we?.


Yesterday, of course, we had updated information from Zorra, as he interrupted his meeting on the New Jerusalem with Prime Creator, Sananda, Ashtar, and Commander Grenner of the Neptune.  Yes, I forgot to mention… of all Beings…

Prime Creator was also there. And what were they discussing?  Zorra told us this much… but no more:  “Intervention,” sometime in the next two months.  — Of course, we have no idea what will be underway during that time frame. — But, our Beloved Cosmic’s are already easing our transition! – We are so Blessed!

I have now posted Sheldan Nidle’s Tuesday message. And we can breathe easy, as Zorra told us the delay was minimal – hours – not even days. And Zap’s message is also promising… he has a guarantee of funds coming next week for his projects.

Zorra’s parting words yesterday were to tell everyone to keep those vibrations and frequencies HIGH!  Remember… EVERY piece of the puzzle counts!  If one piece is missing – or gets damaged – it affects the whole picture! – Yes, we all have important work to do that ONLY WE can do, as we contribute OUR piece of the puzzle to create the perfect picture.

And speaking of pictures, Karen has shared this beautiful image with us that came… magically!  It is titled: 5D.

This image showed up as my desktop image “MAGICALLY” yesterday.  I did not load it or download it!  Of course I know it just IS, my reality.  I love the “MAGIC” how it keeps showing up more and more! – GRAND JOY!  ~ Karen

Thank you Karen! And it enlarges beautifully!

Our beloved Sananda is waiting… but, before I go, I’d like to let everyone know that we are getting reports on Garrith. Although he is not released, I have been told he is seen in a pillar of golden white light with beautiful colored orbs all around him. He also has a physical Protector there with him and has been seen on a Galactic Light Table, being healed.

Susan, in Florida, has suggested we all plan a mass Blessing for Garrith – bringing all that is right and good into his beautiful Life of Service. – We ask that you join our HEN Family in a collective meditation, raising Garrith to that which is for his Highest Good:

Saturday,January 16 – 6:00 PM Eastern
please match this with your time.And now, our beloved Sananda…

And once again, good morning dear Ones.  Let us continue on this informative lesson of Earth’s history.
Many gentle hearted light workers have made the mistake of thinking all of government on Earth is the cabal, all of royalty on Earth is the cabal and there are none to be trusted. In this assumption, they cannot be trusted, so we cannot partner with them for solutions.There are over 1 million walk-in Souls living on Earth as well as 60 million Galactic Humans. They work together and are all completely telepathic, just as we know Extraterrestrials are. They are working in all walks of life and are strategically placed to serve Humanity. This is a way to get around the Prime Directive. By becoming human, these super-humans change things from within the matrix, yet they have their entire memory, their adept abilities and at the same time live human lives. They live under a Boddhisatva Vow. They take nothing in return for dangerous lives battling the tiny number of cabal. This is how it must be handled. There is no other way. There is no other way but reveal the truth to the younger Souls living on the Planet who do not have the sophistication to understand. They do not know what questions to ask. They are so heavily under the programming, they are easily fouled. Those Extraterrestrials living among you on Earth have sacrificed everything to be here now. They are here to save the Planet from total destruction.

The detonation of Trinity Atomic Bomb in July, 1945 at Alamogordo, New Mexico began the detonation of the physical Universe including Earth.

At that precise moment, Earth was taken out of vector and placed under quarantine of the Nation of Andromeda. The entire Milky Way Galaxy has been under quarantine since that moment. Andromeda is our closet neighboring Galaxy and more spiritually advanced. In order to preserve the Universe a Plan was made to return Earth back on course to Alcyone by way of the Photon Belt.  When Earth passes through the Eye of An, the center of the Orion belt and makes it way back to the Central Sun then there will be 9 Suns visible from Earth. We are currently in the 10th Gate of the 6th Sun as the Photon belt vectors us back to proper place in the Milky Way Galaxy.

On April 17, 2015 there was an activation of the Lake Louise StarGate in Alberta, Canada. This StarGate is a direct route to Andromeda. By activating this StarGate, the quarantine is being lifted so Earth may continue Her Ascension unencumbered.  Earth is currently on lock down, which means that only Extraterrestrial Craft at least 15 million years advanced of current Earth have access in or out. There still are some less advanced ET Ships here and they are being held, unable to leave and when the Event called Disclosure occurs, they will be dealt with and sent away to a more appropriate place.

Your loving brother, Sananda.

This portion will be posted a second time – and then we will continue…

Remember! Zorra’s Healing Call this Saturday at 9 AM Pacific! Watch for posting!

And here’s a little treat to see that our day begins in Joy … just 1 minute…


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Feel Our Love,

  Anne (Mom)     Jesus/Sananda

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