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The Nova Earth scenario is the divine plan for rebuilding Planet Earth, anchored in a higher dimension of consciousness, based on the divine qualities and the cosmic force of love. Nova Earth is to be grounded in universal love, committed to keeping the peace worldwide, and concerned with any part of the whole that’s in any way hurting.

Nova Earth is a world that works for everyone.

The cabal economy is falling and a new economy is at the same time rising. I’d like to look at that here.

The Big Clean

A significant event on the world scene that’s probably worrying some in the dark was the recent firing of between 500-600 HSBC employees on three continents. It’s being called the “Big Clean.” (1) It’s undoubtedly going to have a big impact.

A second significant event was the arrest of the Saudi prince in Lebanon for flying an airplane loaded with amphetamines. (2)  If the cabal is fencing its own drugs, they must be running a little short of cash.  Others are the prospect of Mexican drug lord El Chapo Guzman singing, hundreds of German choir boys swearing out allegations of sexual abuse against Pope Benedict’s brother. On and on the cabal’s woes go.

What we’re watching is the cabal’s grip on power crumbling. The economy it used to finance its designs is also falling. An entirely-new economy is about to come on line. It’s been a-building underneath or beside the crumbling cabal structure for years.  In future, the cabal’s economy will continue to fall and the new economy will continue to rise.

That’s the macrocosm, the play in three acts.

Then there’s the microcosm, in our case the Reval.

We’re not posting Reval intel any more, with the exception of Zap’s column. (3) To a limited extent, Zap takes into account channeled messages as well as being plugged in to … I’m not sure that any network of information is “reliable” in an environment that’s vast and constantly changing … but Zap’s connections seem to be credible.

Archangel Michael and Sheldan Nidle’s sources (4) say that the white hats responsible for funneling the money to the Reval authorities are proceeding at a far greater level of caution and slowness of pace than is needed.  I’m not sure if any of the officials concerned read channeled messages. Nevertheless, their caution is apparently slowing down the announcement.

So we’re quietly waiting. We’ll definitely announce it when it comes.

The rest of the population probably knows little or nothing about Disclosure, Ascension, the Reval, or, for that matter, even the cabal and accountability.  Watching what’s happening on TV, interpreted through the eyes of the very people responsible for so much suffering in the past (the elite who own the banks, companies, and, most of all, media), may not give us a very clear picture. A clear picture would report the plummeting of the cabal. I doubt the mainstream media are there yet, though I’m told they will be.

A Suggestion

I’d like to suggest, with your permission, that we have our part to play in the Nova Earth scenario – on many fronts. First and foremost, our part is to remember to stay calm. (I have work to do in this area myself.)  We know what these events are in aid of and we know where the world is going. And we’re here to provide that calmness on the ground while the rafter folks work the larger issues behind the scenes.

It’s also time for lightworker bloggers and discussion group members to make others aware of the larger context in which these events fit, events that may be worrisome to many street-level  people. Those who watch the news, enjoy Illuminati-impacted movies, read laundered newspaper articles, etc., are probably not receiving the truth.

They’re being inflamed against Muslims, when Muslims had little or nothing to do with 9/11. They’re covering every disaster and any other event that raises fear in people, including their own false flags like the Paris Assaults.

They’re under-reporting any news that would have a negative impact on the cabal while over-reporting any news that frightens.

The more that can be done to reassure people who newly awaken to these matters, the more that will promote the growth of confidence in the Nova Earth scenario.

Here are two resources to assist the newly awakened. Both are free:

(1) There are downloadable books available here, composed of articles previously posted to the Golden Age of Gaia, on many aspects of our well-planned future:

(2) There’s an entire wiki here on Ascension, Disclosure, the Reval, etc.: First Contact.


And, most of all, in terms of what it’s time for, it’s time for us to be doing push-ups in leadership, envisioning, goal-setting, project organization, group communication, team building, conflict resolution, etc. We lightworkers need to be ready to serve in all manner of leadership positions in the new economy when the bell rings.

If we want to know what areas that might be in, just look at where our attention has gone over this lifetime. (5) If we want to know exactly what we’ll be doing, just look at what we love to do above all else.  (6) Do what you love and the money will follow? Soon that’ll be all we’re doing. Money won’t even be a consideration. (Remember replicators, free energy?)

Responding to events in a manner that’s above and beyond the call of duty is about to become the order of the day soon. That means staying away from hysteria when the Reval occurs.

It means watching new vasanas rise to the surface with sudden wealth while remembering to handle them with simple awareness and a balanced abiding in the center.  And it means restraint, restraint, restraint, perhaps while others are losing their heads. I know. I have to do this work too.

The time for action is just a short spell away. The time for preparation is now.

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