Heavenletter #5529 – You Are Love – 1-13-16

God Parting Sky

God said:

You are love. Despite all the antics in the world you participate in or the Truth that you disavow, you are love. Regardless of anything, you are love, for, so, I made you. Every human being is made of love. No matter if you throw darts at love, you are made of love. No matter how you may set out to disdain love, you are the very love you disdain. You are the love you attack and would deny. You — who want love so much — you fight against your recognition of love. You declare non-love from the pillars. You distort love. You have twisted it. You rage against it. You sanction an uproar against love.

Can you rage against love so wholeheartedly unless love exists, and you love it or would love it if you were to believe in it? Love is such a topic. Confess you believe in love. It is yourself you rail against. Love is so important to you, you would destroy love’s very footprint in defense against love.

Is there anyone more foolish than you? Here you are, demanding love by your very disavowal of it as if love were a broken toy given to you, and now you throw it away as far as you can.

Perhaps you see love now as too little, too late. Ego would prove to you that love isn’t worth much even if it exists. You have a vendetta with love. Your disavowal of love has become essential to you. It may be what you live for, to prove love at best worthless if not non-existent. A pox on love, you proclaim. You will expose love as a chump, as if you are a victor in a battle in which no one can win. You raise your arm and declare yourself the winner. Declare yourself all you want. You cannot recant love.

Roses of love exist. Love cannot be kept down for long. Love cannot be thrown aside. Love grows. The tide of love cannot be stemmed. Love is a giant force whether you like it or not. Not all the disdain in the world can stop love. You might as well give up your battle. Whatever love you may crush, love won’t stay crushed. Stomp on love all your want. Still love knows no bounds. It is you who knows bounds.

There is Bright Sun that shines above. Call love all the names you want — love still is. Chop love down all you want, and you cannot vanquish love. Try as you may, you can’t make a dent in love. Love is in the ascendant. The well never goes dry. Rebel against love as you may, yet love rises. Love may even rise in your heart no matter how you revolt against it. No matter, you have no more power regarding love than a scarecrow.

I suggest you come to your senses. Put your glasses on. If you must foment, foment for love. You are a marauder who wastes your time. No matter how much hurt you may exact, you are on a fool’s errand. You cannot retract love. You can deny and deny, and this still does not make you a hero. Makes you more an anti-hero.

Surrender to love.

Love is going to get you. Love will wrap its wings around you, and you will yell, “Uncle.”

Admit you love. You can stop giving your love to animosity. You can stop loving a fight. You can stop loving fire in your blood. You really don’t want to go up in flame. Open the floodgates of your heart. Open, open, open.

It is all right for you to have been mistaken. Mistakes are the stepping stones to your revelation. Be brave. Admit that you crave love. Welcome love into your life.

Author: Higher Density Blog

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