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Steve Beckow

The Significance of Being Complete   –   Part 01   –    1-11-16


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Previously I said that I didn’t think that a person could experience transformative love without being complete.

I now see an equally-important role that completion plays.  I’m slapping myself on the forehead for not seeing it years ago. But I didn’t.

It’s our feeling or belief that we’re incomplete, followed by our acting on it, that takes us out of transformative love. Not only is completion vital to entering transformative love; it’s essential to staying in it.

I’ve wondered for years what it is that has me fall out of peak experiences. Why do I keep losing it? I’m incomplete because I create being incomplete just as I create being complete.

I tried in my past article to discuss the mysterious nature of completion. (1) If I were to use the short form of the explanation, I’d say that completion is a declared state. But I wager that that won’t mean a great deal to most folks.

Before going further with the explanation, I need to remind readers of the ladder of consciousness, from intellectual knowledge to experiential knowledge to realized knowledge. As we go up the ladder, the impact of our knowledge, or knowing, increases – on us and on everyone else we come in contact with.

Thus, if we declare our completion from a place of intellectual knowing, that declaration will probably have little impact on us and may mean little to the world.

If we declare our completion from a place of  experiential knowledge, well, there’s at least a game to play. We’re at least feeling it. That’s a deeper, more personal and intimate knowledge from which to come.

But if we declare our completion from a space of realized knowledge, then creation will follow. It will be as we say it is.  It’s this third state that I’m referring to when I say that completion is a declared state. It’s a declared state if the declaration comes from the space of realized knowledge. (2)

I’m complete if, from the space of realization (3) I declare myself to be complete. To maintain my completion implies remaining at a level of realized knowledge with it. If I fall back to a space of ordinary consciousness, characterized by intellectual knowledge, then my declarations again hold little power.

Given that I’ve gone in and out of the transformed space for some months now, you can imagine why understanding the ladder of consciousness becomes important to me.

Another aspect of completion is, and here I acknowledge my debt to Werner Erhard, that it isn’t a place to get to. It’s a place to come from. We come from love, come from joy, and come from completion. They’re who we are. They’re aspects of our natural state, which we’ve wandered away from but are again there in an instant of realized and felt completion.

Completion doesn’t depend on me making a “To Do” list of everything I haven’t finished or every relationship that is even a little bit out. Completion lives in my say-so, my word, my declaration. That’s something that a person has to experience to accept and we’re not used to looking in or exploring this area. But I’ve explored it enough times now that I get the power of my word, my declaration, to break through the overburden of issues and upsets and make the state of completion present itself.

Still another aspect: I can hold by what I say in the realized state whether or not I’m in it in the next moment. I can treat what I said as a firm commitment. I often have to uphold that which I’ve said in the experience of transformational love when that space has since departed. It makes me want to be careful with what I promise in the transformed space because realized Big Steve is binding intellectual Little Steve, so to speak.

(Concluded in Part 2.)


Part 02

Steve Complte

(Concluded from Part 1.)

The fact that I know (realized knowledge) that completion is vital to experiencing the transformed space is something I can now carry down into ordinary (intellectual) consciousness without loss or harm.

The nature of completion as a declared state is going to sound like hocus-pocus to many people if I try to explain it while in a state of ordinary consciousness.

The state of completion is itself higher dimensional. Perhaps that’s why I have so much difficulty explaining it.

If I’m in transformative love and an incompletion comes up, I now can recognize that hitching up with that thought will cost me dearly. It’ll cost me the loss of the space. And once it’s gone, it’s adios, amigo!

I knew back in 1977 that lying could cost me the transformed space. Protecting, projecting, pretending, resisting, judging, blaming can. But never have I seen the more general category behind them all: Incompletions.

I now need to steer around any of my own attempts (not talking about requests from others) to make myself feel incomplete. I need to remind myself of the price I pay. Continuing to honor my incompletions, in the language of Tomorrowland, is feeding the wrong wolf. (1)

Here’s an exercise for you. If you can watch this video by Coldplay, dancing around the room and snapping your fingers to the music, you’re complete in this moment. If not, take a look at what prevents you and find your own declarative power to be complete with that.

You’re complete if you say so and your say-so is what makes completion present itself. (I know. I know. It’s a mystery.)

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