LADY MASTER NADA – Solar Tribunal on Saturn – New legal system which will be in Harmony with Source – 1-11-16


Solar Tribunal on Saturn   –   Ascension Guidance

Lady Master Nada has several powerful hats she wears. First, She is the President of the Solar Tribunal on Saturn. Through her position as International Court of Justice and as International Special Prosecutor with extraordinary powers to dissolve courts, arrest judges including our Supreme Court Justices or anyone else. She is our NESARA “Postal Lady” in charge of the Announcement and Deliveries. She is also Twin Flame of Admiral Sananda. She was originally from Lebanon and is quite familiar with all the mid- Eastern/Asian cultures. She traveled extensively with the Dalai Lama. She is an Ascended Master. She foreclosed on our Corporate Government on 30 September 2008 when Bush defaulted on his payments. The King of Swords then put us inside NESARA Law and saved the world banks and stockmarkets from crashing. She and St Germain are the architects of a whole new planetary economic and legal revitalization to prepare us for Ascension’s reunification with Source…

… The only path to PEACE is Justice and a Just World is a World of PEACE. KOS, Admiral Sananda,Lady Master Nada, Ashtar, St Germain, Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron, Mother Sekhmet and Alcyone, work together as representatives of the Ashtar Comand to restore PEACE to Earth…

… All Masters of all religions and spiritual paths help their students become the Christ; it is not in truth a Christian term, it is a living presence which you can call any name you want: Sanada/Jesus, Lady Master Nada, Lord Buddha, Krishna, Lao Tse, Zoroaster, Kalki Maitreya, Melchizedek, Ra, Mother Sekhmet, Alcyone, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Mother Mary, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Gabriel, Helios and Vesta, St Germain, Kuthumi, Serapis Bey, Lord Arcturus, Ashtar and Athena, Commander Hatonn, Commander Soltec, Commander Korton, Commander Monk ka, Tom the Ringtail Cat Paschat, Ka tar tek, Tek Ra. These spiritual Masters are all members of the Galactic Federation and all work from the Office of The Christ.

KOS (King of Swords) was given his authority in 1999 by the World Court and Lady Master Nada…

… So, on this level, KOS and his Twin Flame, Lady Master Nada, are very elevated souls with direct responsibility as the Hosts of Heaven and all Councils in charge of this World’s Ascension, as well as other Planets in our Solar System…

Who Are the Galactics?

Service to God in Life
First Public Dictation / Discourse:
December 25, 1932   Chicago, Illinois U.S.A. (12)
Embodied as:
Attorney on Atlantis
Divine Quality
Divine Ray & Sacred Fire
Purple and Metallic Gold
Office in Hierarchy
Chohan of the Sixth Ray, succeeding the previous Chohan, Jesus, on December 31, 1959, when She fully took on the Office of Chohan of the Sixth Ray.

Member of the Karmic Board for this planet, representing the Third Ray
Twin Flame / Divine Complement / Twin Ray
Sananda also known as Jesus



The Rose Temple, Retreat of the Lady Master Nada, is located above New Bedford, Massachusetts. Designed after the pattern of a rose (each petal is a room), this Retreat is the etheric counterpart of the Temple of Love on Atlantis where Nada once served as a priestess. In the center of the Retreat there burns the Flame of Divine Love, tended by Brothers and Sisters of the Third Ray for the healing of Earth’s evolutions by Love.

Arabian Retreat in the Arabian Peninsula, northeast of the Red Sea, serving with the Brothers and Sisters of the Indigo Cape, alongside Jesus, Mother Mary, and El Samyam.



Lady Master Nada at the Solar Tribunal on Saturn 11/20/09 with KOS & Ashtar

Beth & Mark receive and accept an invitation to visit the Solar Tribunal on Saturn where Lady Master Nada will speak to us.  We join with our TwinFlames [SunStar4] and the KingOfSwords[KOS] and Ashtar to go to Saturn in a shuttle craft piloted by KOS.

When we get to Saturn we see the rings around the Planet. We fly into the Pole with our craft and up through the diamond tetrahedron crystalline core. We ignite into light, cleansing and purifying our beings before proceeding.

Now we go to the Solar Tribunal. This building has a white dome on top. The architecture of the solar tribunal echos the styles of ancient Greece and Egypt with the corinthian columns and white polished marble interior. The dome lets in a flood of sunlight onto the white surfaces and grand hallway. This leads up to a very modern, sentient-computer designed holographic meeting room. In this room Galactic technology with viewing screens, automatic translations and stadium style seating around a central Council. On this day the Council floor is empty.

Lady Master Nada takes us to one of the small meeting rooms off the main Council floor. This room offers comfortable seating in an intimate atmosphere for smaller discussions during large meetings. There are communication and information technologies in this room. We sit at the table and chairs.


Lady Master Nada Speaks:

I wanted to give you a tour of the Solar Tribunal on Saturn. I am President of this Body. We are made up of Representatives of Star Nations from this Galaxy. We join here to formulate Unified Missions for our Galaxy. We also set Guidelines in which to work together on joint interests. Some examples are travel, exchange, law, and exploration. The Tribunal is a legislation branch of this Solar System which hears and tries cases which are relevant to Universal Law. Our Mission is to see that we progress with the Highest Good of All enforced. By doing this we remain in a State of Peace. Only by keeping Peace are we able to evolve freely unencumbered as a co-creative consensus. We welcome Earth to the Galactic Round Table.

I am the Twin Flame of the King of Swords (KOS) He is the physical template of Admiral Sananda on Earth. We are Galactic Humans. St Germain and I are the architects of a whole new planetary economic and legal revitalization to prepare us for Earth Ascension’s reunification with Source.

In this role, I and my Twin Flame work with millions of Galactic Humans in government as well as millions of members of the Galactic Federation to bring about all necessary changes needed to put the Master Plan, as it is known, into place.

This will affect all political, financial, military, medical, educational and industrial concerns on the Planet. With the Federal Reserve dissolved and the Bank of St. Germain in place, as well as the Dark Hats removed from the planet, we will be free to begin self governance.

After mass landings, when we reunite with our families, you revisit the Stars where you came from, and you become acclimated and trained to the new technology and new way of life, we will be ready to become more, together.

When all inhabitants on Earth have their basic needs met and they remember who they are, and open their minds and hearts to Higher Truths, we will be ready to form a co-consensus reality together with our whole Galactic Family.

It will be at this time, some months after mass landings –18-24 months later – we will begin to meet to develop our self governance. There are legal provisions we have developed that will go into place at the time of the Announcements. This is called the Reformation Act [NESARA]. As soon as it is announced, there are immediate provisions that will go into effect.

As we carry out the new law, other provisions will be put into place, such as re-indexing–of all goods and services–which guarantee equitable treatment of all. There will be a restructuring of the financial institutions on Earth and new laws which will govern them. These laws will be enforced Worldwide and there is a 16million man Galactic, + 4million earth, Militia in place, headed up by the King of Swords, with the Mission of maintaining World Peace.

Shortly after landings, and the changes it brings, we will begin to work together for Earth’s Ascension-reunification with Source. Earth will be required to establish laws which work in harmony with Universal Law and Cosmic Laws. Earth will be invited back into the Galactic Arena as a full participant. Earth will have Representative Votes at the Galactic Council Meetings with the other Planetary Representatives. Earth will evolve and expand its Galactic Role for the first time in millions of years.

We invite all of you to be aware of these changes as they happen. Become cognizant of the expanding role of Planet Earth.

We will walk together through the legal revitalization. We will make a government body which will include all nations equally and meet the concerns for all involved, fairly.

We will be committed to harmony and balance in all countries around the globe. We will accept nothing less than world peace. We will rebuild the infrastructure of our government so that is works to enhance growth and evolution of Earth in the Galactic Governance. As all other Planets in this local group, Earth will be her own sovereign Being with her own peoples, diversity, cultures and needs.

These will be respected and maintained through the new legal system which will be in harmony with Source. There will be a reestablishment of Higher Mind working with Love to solve problems and move the Earth forward in her evolution.

In the past, Earth has functioned as disembodied parts with no cohesive connection to Universal Mind. Earth also had a disconnect from feminine and masculine balance. In this duality setting, the financial and legal systems functioned in imbalanced ways.

Earth is being formed as Terra Nova, connected to Source, with love consciousness, and acting as One Being.

As we return humanity to the One Race, which includes all Galactic species of hybrid, living in harmony together, we will govern as a cohesive intelligent group from love. We will design our legal system to make room for inclusiveness and fairness to all.

As we write the new laws, governing as One, we come into the freedom that we have long missed. It is then we will experience this Galaxy multidimensionally and we are restored to our former selves. It is then we are reunited with Source as One with All That Is. Earth will be free again to experience Cosmic Ascension in harmony with all in our Galaxy.


Mark asks a question of Lady Master Nada:

At what point do we go through the Eye of An, which restores us to antimatter. Do we then circle back to our position adjacent to Alcyone? Will we then be on the third ring out from Galactic Center as a  full antimatter Planet? Or will it have dimensions of matter and antimatter with 9 suns and two or more moons?


Lady Master Nada Answers:

The question you raise concerns Cosmic Ascension.

All Planets in our Solar System are constantly evolving. Jupiter is a 9th Dimensional Planet which is well on its way to becoming a Sun. 9D Mercury will also be a Sun.

There is no way to explain this from a linear stand point. Cosmic Ascension takes place in concert with the collective consciousness of all in the Universe.

The changes and happenings involved in this are recorded at the sentient computer of The Watcher on the 172nd Dimension by the Lord Most High Governors Council.

As evolution is carried out on various Planets around Earth, it affects Earth and changes take hold.

On 9/9/09 the Crystalline Core was awakened with new energies coming from the Great Central Sun, through the photon belt and ionized within the Crystalline Core of the Planet.

This allows for the Earth Grid to rise in vibration in the Earth Ascension process. When we cross the threshold, when we go through the Eye of An, is when other significant events have been fulfilled in the evolutionary process of Earth. Earth will be restored to anti-matter after making the necessary changes to ascend to the place where antimatter Being is possible.

Before Earth is fully an anti-matter Planet, it will first be a Planet of matter and antimatter. There are many steps and levels between the two. As we go along, we will understand more about multidimensionality and we will come into deeper understandings of this process.

This process is the same for all Planets in our Galaxy and not unique to Earth. Planets in other Universes are Guided by their own set of processes unique to their environment.

~Lady Master Nada

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