Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 – Episode 1: Inner Earth – Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode and David Wilcock


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The notion of a hollow or inner Earth has captivated imaginations throughout history. Considering that existing societies only occupy the surface, and there is a vast amount of caverns already well documented, it stands to reason the Earth could be filled with hollow cavities capable of supporting life.

Corey Goode clarifies that the secret space program documented what is described as a honeycomb Earth. Unlike many popular hollow Earth theories, depicting a balloon-like planet with a central sun and inner surface, Goode describes a porous makeup, wherein large caverns are formed as a result of geophysical development.

Much like how the oceans have been largely unexplored, these inner regions of the Earth are home to entire ecosystems unseen by modern humans. However, within the secret space program, and related groups, there have been expeditions into these areas of our planet. The primary mission of these expeditions was to recover Ancient Builder race technology, left presumably eons ago.

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