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By DL Zeta,

Lucid living is a direct path to energizing fifth-dimensional timelines. We define lucid living as existing in a state of wakefulness based in a clear perception of one’s surrounding reality.

This state of heightened awareness keeps us in direct communion with our inner observer. It provides us with constant, telepathic guidance that helps us avoid becoming overly absorbed into a particular life track or script. It is obsession with any life script that narrows our focus of perception and filters out insights and information we need to make decisions that are the highest and best for ourselves and all others.

If we’re not living in a lucid fashion, we tend to forget we have a great deal of assistance available at all times in navigating the events of our lives. For example, it takes a high level of awareness to step back from a situation and “ask” for guidance and assistance within the moment or to “remember” to listen for the soft whispers of our inner knowing.

Allowing divine assistance is a matter of stepping back from a life script, seeing a situation through the eyes of our higher knowing and acting on the information we download through this insightful connection.

Be Willing to Embrace all Possibilities and Outcomes

In order to energize lucid timelines in your field of potentials, it is important to be willing to embrace all possibilities and outcomes. If there is any situation – past, present or future — you are unwilling to face, this will cause you to lapse into a state of unawareness. There is no denying some life scripts are difficult to embrace. Losing a loved one to illness or experiencing loss of one’s home to catastrophic weather events are just two examples of extreme challenges that are increasingly common as we move through this transition time.

Even in the face of extreme challenges, remaining lucid and aware allows us to move through these times with divine guidance and assistance. Clarity of perception allows us to see the blessings life still holds for us even as we mourn our losses and sorrows.

Transition times provide many doorways for us to enter if we are able to navigate them with a high degree of wakefulness. But moving through life with heightened awareness has its price. Becoming more aware means greater awareness of our own pain and the pain and suffering of those around us. Our initial reaction may be that we must somehow alleviate this pain but that is not always possible. Don’t feel you must know the answers to all scenarios you experience or witness. Trusting in the higher order of the universe and remaining in a place of love and allowing will help you stay awake in the face of your own suffering and that of others.

Those who are expanding into ever more wakeful states may feel themselves overwhelmed as new insights and information floods their consciousness. At such times surround everything that comes before you, including your own thoughts and feelings, with love and light. Become silent and open to the inflow of love. Send love to all parts of yourself. Silently send love to all those who suffer. It is in this way of lucid living that all situations – past and present – are healed and we’re free to choose a future aligned with fifth-dimensional timelines from our field of potentials. By remaining awake to pain, you are able to move through it in a healing, life-affirming manner.

The most painful and challenging events can be embraced with love and compassion when we maintain an open and lucid perspective. If we allow ourselves to lapse into anger and negativity due to the events and circumstances of our lives, this pulls us into states of overwhelm that trigger sleeping consciousness.

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