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From Earth We Are One, January 5, 2015

Trees have an innate way to know when the seasons change, when there is a storm, when its leaves will drop, when the season is about to change and they do this by Telepathy.

We have a lot to learn from trees. Telepathy can also be in couples for relationships. They won’t say what is they are thinking about, but the other would instinctively know.

According to Serena Woods Guest Writer on Wake Up World, “Telepathy is commonly known as ”mind to mind” communication, without the sounds of linguistics or speaking, it is an instant form of transference of thoughts and senses.”

IMG_0064Empathetic telepathy is non-verbal communication. Maybe an idea enters our head and we don’t know it; we are picking up these non verbal signals and we can’t tune them out.

It involves listening and not hearing. We have to be aware when the birds gather in numbers and are ready to fly. They aren’t saying anything, but they are.

In The Gaia Project: The Earth’s Great Changes written by Hwee-Yong Jang, He talked a lot about the life of a tree. He said that they learned to be patient, they talked by moving their leaves. He said in the beginning, many of us were trees because we had to learn the earth, but since many didn’t want to be trees anymore they became other creatures. This was our beginning on earth.

Many of us then learned to communicate with nature. And telepathy is in all, “animals, and the Green Kingdoms, and Mineral, and Etheric Kingdoms”

As in The Twelfth Insight: The Hour of Decision (Celestine Series) by James Redfield, they were taught to look at the messages from animals. They usually tell us which direction to go in and they always have a message for us.

Every living or none living thing communicates with us. Thoughts pop in our minds to read a book, or we might see an animal that day that lets us know what we crave or have thought about. Some may be a warning, but others may be what we need to do differently in life.

Many need to pay attention to nature and we have a lot to learn from Trees or animals. These none verbal cues don’t lie to us and as was said in the beginning of Lady in the Water (Widescreen Edition), the water communicates, but man may have forgotten as they become obsessed with the material world.

In other words, we have become obsessed with our world that we have forgotten to pay attention to the world we live in.

This is why it is important to listen to nature and listen to those messages. If we see an animal we should decipher that message. Each animal will have something to bring to the table. Each tree will say something to and even in crystals to.

Every particle on earth has something to say and they do it non-verbally. That is why it is important to take some time out of your day and reconnect with nature.



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