SOPHIA LOVE – A Merfolk Elder – 1-4-16

Thanks to Rose Rambles

Our plan for mutual benefit includes the voice of one who has been on one or the other side of the current issue, preferably both.  By “both” is meant that if the issue has potential for elevated emotion for both parties, there may be determining factors that call for more than one outside voice.  In other words, there will be 2 beings called in, as long as they have experienced opposite sides of the issue.
As all beings are of equal rank, there are no superior “voices” who outweigh others.  This allows for completion of emotional events in an atmosphere of clarity. All sides of issues are expressed and heard by all merfolk present.
What happens now is that questions are put forth.  These questions are arranged in ways to solicit empathic emotion from each side.  This is done as a circle event and so all emotions and ideas are expressed out loud and felt in the group.  Once this happens, well, situations tend to right themselves.
One of the beings, upon feeling the emotion of the others affected, comes up with a solution other than taking that which is so desired.
Many creative and expansive solutions are invented in these circles, it is a marvelous thing.
As one of the “elders” who is empathic as well, I have often been a part of these circles.  I cannot explain precisely what occurs, only that a sort of oneness takes over and guides the proceedings.  This insures that growth and a continuation of supportive relationships are guaranteed.  Oneness becomes the guiding hand, the negotiator (and) the overseer.  All are served ultimately in this fashion.
In my world, decisions are not made in the “heat of the moment” and as young ones learn this, they are not expected.  Certainly we desire our choices to be fulfilled when we are challenged – yet being raised in a fluid and compassionate arena that does not hide alterations of character, we also come to interpret upsets as normal in the course of our days and lives.
You might say our temperaments are “even” and that our expectations are reasonable.  In your world this is not the case; as we see in your consciousness the fighting of young ones when they are not catered to or given everything by their demands.
It would seem that some effort towards oneness would benefit any society.
I chose to speak now as there will very quickly be a necessity for new governance.  Your ways of reconciliation and what you call now “control” will be altered as the old breaks down.  The new ones coming in are not expecting to be governed by control, restriction, rules and punishment.
The young now who will be considered “authority” when they grow up will adopt by necessity new ways of management, governance and societal method.  These thoughts may contribute to the collective, alternate ideas.  This may aid your new world.
I thank you.  Is that it then?
It is.  For now.  Thank you for so much conversation.
Until we speak again, goodbye Sophia.
The conversation ended.

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