STEVE BECKOW – Purification and the Divine Plan, Part 1/2 – 1-3-16

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Steve Beckow

I’d like to look at the mechanics of human life, as a way of backlighting the Divine Plan behind it.

Animal life is by and large stimulus/response.  It may not be that way for whales, dolphins, cats and dogs. I don’t know. But for most of the animal kingdom it seems to be, given our present state of knowledge.

Life for humans is stimulus/perception/conception/conclusion/decision/response.

Or I could have said stimulus/thinking/response.

We interpose between stimulus and response a cultural moment, a moment in which we experience sensations, make sense out of them, reach an understanding of what we face, frame a response to it, and then respond.

While that process may take time when we’re young, later in life it’s second nature and often takes no more than a fraction of a second.

If we respond to life from love, our native spirit or soul expands its control over the dense material mechanism that our bodies are. Our soul has freer rein to govern our actions. Our awareness steadily increases.  And our link to our guides and others who are attempting to influence us for our own well-being and the highest human good is strengthened.

If we respond from the lower and baser impulses, like anger, greed, jealousy, and hatred, then we strengthen the baser and denser elements of our physical structure and lower our awareness.

Specifically, we create stress and store it in our muscles as bands of muscular tension. These go to areas that receive our attention through the inappropriate use of metaphors. So if we conclude that we’re carrying the world on our shoulders, then we store tension in our shoulders and end up with a sore shoulder and eventually arthritis of the joints, etc.

Or if someone like a spouse is seen as a pain in the rear, we may create complications in that area. If we cannot stomach the condition the world is in, as I fell into doing, we may create gastro-intestinal problems; in my case, colitis.

Moreover, we “learn” from our negative experiences, resolve to never go to unproductive or traumatic places again, and create tapes, records, scripts, vasanas, issues, resolutions, reaction patterns, roles, etc., to see that we never have to experience a “bad experience” again.

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And we walk down a path to what I’ve variously called fossilization, coralization, dumbing down, however you want to see it.

In that state, we become what we variously may call “old fogeys,” “a guy in a diner,” rednecks, opinionated people, etc. We trade our spontaneity for automaticity. We become like robots.

Ascension will relieve of us these symptoms and situate us in a light body that has no more diseases. And the refined vibrations of the Fifth Dimension will dispel and disallow all the lower emotions and qualities.

But in the meantime, we have work to do as lightworkers and that work is impeded if we’re prisoners of our base emotions and reaction patterns.

Unless we handle and emerge from them, we won’t be able to serve the roles we chose for ourselves in the work preceding Ascension. If we spark, argue, criticize, gossip, reject, and in other ways decline to work as part of a very large team, then we’ll have little or no role to play in things like building Nova Earth or creating a world that works for everyone.

That’s OK if it happens. Others will take our place. But I assume that people want to make their contribution in this lifetime and so they’re open to emerging from our patterns and unworkable ways of being.

Spiritual teachers have discussed the process of emerging from our patterns in various ways. Many have called it “purification.”  The Buddha advised us to desist from unwholesome actions, do only wholesome actions, and purify the mind.

His method of purification was Vipassana meditation which sees one circle the body with one’s awareness, observing sensation on the body. Taking one’s hands off the steering wheel in this way had all our vasanas – no longer held down – emerge. Provided we simply observed them, they disappeared leaving us “purified.”

It could be called cleansing the mind, resolving our issues, letting go of our past, becoming aware of our scripts – there are any number of ways one could characterize this process.

Whatever the way, it has us emerge from the bondage of our stress patterns in the body and unworkable reaction patterns in the mind.

Spiritual experiences can accelerate our growth. The heart opening I had on March 13, 2015 certainly accelerated mine. And the rising energies are making these experiences possible and propelling us towards love, compassion, bliss, etc.

One could say that we have two choices in life: (1) to continue reacting to the people and situations around us, building up more unresolved issues, committing ourselves to lifetime after lifetime of karmic illness and disease and living unfulfilling lives or (2) learning how life works and living it consistent with what works and not with what doesn’t work.

So that’s the reason why I talk so often about what Linda calls core issues and what I call vasanas. They are the residue of our unfortunate choices in life to withdraw from it, isolate ourselves, compete with others instead of cooperating, and generally behave as if life is an “us against them” affair.

Everyone takes a bath or a shower in the morning before beginning their day. We lightworkers are also cleansing ourselves before beginning our work. The depth and conscientiousness with which we do it will determine the extent to which we can contribute in what’s coming down the pike.

In the next article I’d like to look at the relationship of purification to the Divine Plan.

(Concluded in Part 2)

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