NEW ASCENSION WAVE ON ITS WAY – Ancient Awakenings Show – Sanat Kumara, Lady Nada, Ashira, One Who Serves – This Initiation will change All Across the Planet – This is Precursor to The Event – You Will Feel This Presence Come Over You – 1-3-15

Sanat Kumara


Ancient Awakenings Show   –   

Sanat Kumara,  Lady Nada, Ashira, One Who Serves   –  

NEW ASCENSION WAVE ON ITS WAY–live-with-sanat-kumara-and-lady-nada


The start of the call was delayed due to interference

The call begins at  the  10 minute mark. 


We experienced much interference of attempts to prevent this historic call wherein Sananda stepped aside, to allow Sanat Kumara to speak. —  Sanat Kumara… “Lord of the World,” – “The Ancient of Days,” – “The One Initiator” – announces a Mass Initiation of Consciousness about to be upon us.

This is a call not to be missed – and to be heard more than one time. We are honored to present this vital information to all who dwell upon our beloved Planet Earth..

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