STEVE BECKOW – A Glimpse of the Fifth Dimension – 1-1-15


The Fifth Dimension is not a static realm but is being improved and perfected all the time by higher beings.

Matthew Ward has said many times that he advises other civilizations about the design of their afterlife settings, which he calls “Nirvana.” Other residents of the afterlife discuss the same matter.

Here the discarnate, Seventh-Dimensional John Heslop tells us that “many of the higher spheres and interior states have originated by the combined thoughts of Exalted Beings from Higher Worlds.” (1)

And Philip Gilbert also refers to them: “There are many … spots of thought-created environments made ‘permanently’ for our use by the higher people.” (2)

God thought and the worlds came into existence and here “exalted beings” and “higher people” think and spheres within it come into existence. In that they act as Mother/Father God’s conduit for the love from which these worlds are created.

Heslop also tells us, very significantly, that “none are permitted to enter [these spheres] until they have been purified and are advanced in Spiritual perception.” (3)

The clearing that we’ve been doing, first of vasanas or core issues and second of our conditioning or programming, is what Heslop is talking about.

He adds that “those who by Prayer, Faith, and especially Love, have their feet firmly planted on the right road while still on earth, rise rapidly from sphere to sphere.” (4)

Well, that describes lightworkers and lightholders. Heslop might have added “Service” and many other divine qualities and actions as well.

He continues that “the increasing beauty and radiance of the Higher Spheres can hardly be described in words. Every faculty and bent of mind receives its fulfillment here.” (5)

We won’t need to work but according to British journalist W.T. Stead:

“Here we have no need to work in order to obtain daily livelihood, we work here solely for spiritual refinement and progress; at the same time we keep in touch with our earth interests as a form of recreation.” (6)

Nicola Tesla tells us that “the plane of thoughts [the mental plane] is much more refined and powerful than the astral plane. It’s free of the emotional, sentimental swill most people thrive on, but which must be transcended if you are going to develop clear thought.” (7)

As if to validate what Tesla says, “Sigwart,” a soldier who died in WWI, tells us: “My true life has begun now; the dream condition [of the astral plane] has ended.” (8)

Deep spiritual realization comes along with and wins us residency in the Mental Plane in the afterlife. South African Mike Swain reports: “When you wake on the mental plane, you will realize that you are and always have been a son of God.” (9)

William Stead tells us that “it is impossible to over-emphasize the degree of freedom in this new world, or the joy each and all has in it.” (10)  In American journalist Julia Ames’s opinion: “The lowest heaven is higher than the most wonderful vision of its bliss that you ever had.” (11)  That’s encouraging.

“The lowest heaven”? Each Plane has several subplanes – some say seven; some ten; some twelve.  “Heaven” was the name the early Christian Fathers gave to the Fifth Dimension.

The lowest heaven therefore is the first subplane of the Fifth Dimension. I call that the vestibule. Sahaja Samadhi, signifying our departure from all ties to the Third/Fourth Dimension, happens a little ways after the “lowest heaven” or vestibule.

Of course we’re not shedding our bodies but taking them with us in more refined form (our Merkebah or Light Body). But the implication is that, if we’re engaging in a physical Ascension, then we’re going to a space that was not in existence before.

Perhaps the same “exalted beings” or “higher people” are even now busily crafting the thought-based outlines of that new environment into which we and Gaia are to find ourselves.

I’ll try to report on other accounts of life in the Fifth Dimension or Mental Plane, to give us a preview of what to expect.

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