PLEIADIAN DELEGATE – Being an Ascended Being – Happy Earth Year 2016 – 12-31-15

L'Aura Pleiadian

So here we Are ~ 2016 (Happy New year to you) We have come a long way to speak, since 11:11 am on December 21st, 2012, which marked the end of a Cosmic Era  and the beginning of an Ascension Process, through the Solar Body Alignment with the Source Light of the Central Sun ~ the Galactic Center, the Pleiades ~ in the Hearts of All Beings, Stars and Planets, Everywhere.

This Pure Source Light that is constantly increasing itself, is the Original Source Light, the Pure Light, that you are, and that all Beings existed as, in All Golden Ages. Mu was a Golden Age, the Beings existing on Mu, existed as 4th and 5th Dimensional Beings.

You exist as this Pure Source Light, which you emanate from (the Void) that created your Soul Light ~ Being. Your Soul Light Being consists of All That is. All That you Are, everywhere, all at Once. There is no separation at the level of your Pure Source Light.

You are continuously vibrating at higher frequencies of Light that is part of your Ascension Process and your transformation, from what was once thought of as a “you” that knew only limitation and suffering, to the you that knows itself, consciously, as this Original Pure Source Light ~ Being.

As you continue to consciously apply your will through your awareness of 5th Dimensional Consciousness (unconditional love, acceptance and compassion, first to you) to everything in your life that shows up, to be loved and accepted, you enter the realm, or the Eternal you, and this, continues to expand and grow, as you continue to Love and nurture yourself.

September 27th 2015, was a great transition, as those Beings who incarnated (in a form on Planet Earth) as the First Wave of Ascension, began the awareness of the Arrival, into a state of Consciousness of Being, that is the Present Moment, Being, the Pure Source Light, of Ascension.

Destiny, Dreams coming true, greater than imagined, this LIVES now, in the Hearts of those that are ready. Ready to Be awakened more and more, ready to love more and more, ready to surrender more and more to the moment, which is the full releasing, of an era gone by, and the full entering into the Dream of Dreams, the Creation, of your Pure Source Creation.

Your Pure Source ~ Soul ~ Created, this (whatever this is for you) all now, for you, as the way it is happening, through you.

Accept, Love and Surrender. Love all that is coming up through you.

And the Trumpets sound Loudly, as all the Dreamers have arrived, and their Dream plays out in all its Grandness, as the Pureness of the Moment, always, is. All That is, rejoices, I can hear it Now, as we celebrate, the Greatness, of All That is.



Happy New Year ~ 2016!



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