STEVE BECKOW – Underneath It All, We’re OK – 12-28-15

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Steve Beckow

With the inner landscape so invitingly rich, I’ve said to myself that I’m ready and willing to set out on a second level of purification.

I’m willing to leave the processing of vasanas or core issues behind and turn now to dissolving something even more residual – our conditioning, sometimes called our programming.

Jesus was referring to this task of purification when he said through Fran Zepeda recently:

“Everything is coming up to be seen as the illusion that it is. Yes, you must deal with it, and yes, the solution can come easily if you let it, and then move on and see it as a virtual clearing house of all the mundane 3D structure that you painstakingly assembled in all your years, your eons, of dabbling on earth away from your birthright, away from your full divine awareness of your Full Divine Self.” (1)

Before I begin to deconstruct my own, I wanted to spend this moment looking at the notion of purification itself.

Because that’s what we’re doing. We’re refining ourselves in the same way that fire, refining iron, produces steel.

We’re removing the accretion of ages that keeps the statue from being lustrous.

If we talk about something being pure, we often view it from a moral angle and conceive of “purity” as being righteous or as having the right stuff.  Righteousness is a middle-ground concept, which still begs duality.

Complete purity of soul is an absence of core issues and conditioning; that is, of “impurities.” It’s beyond duality.

Purity simply means being completely what one already is.

If gold is pure, it’s 100% gold. If water is pure, it’s 100% water.

And we, in purifying ourselves, return to our natural state, that which we we already were and are.  That would be 100% love.

We already are the peerless statue. We simply have a buildup of dirt on our exterior.

Having spent two months off and on in bliss, I can attest to that being an aspect of our natural state. Happiness is as well, joy, aliveness, ecstacy.  The state is the state and then it has aspects and qualities – like bliss, happiness, and satisfaction – depending on what we focus on.

What prevents us from being in that state is of course the density of the Third/Fourth-Dimensional medium but also our own issue-driven thoughts, feelings and actions and the conditioning that results from them.

I said earlier that one of the most significant results of our issues is the muscular tension we pack into our bodies, that results in pinching off our awareness and denying us access to the more refined feeling states.

We purified our minds over the last three or four years by raising our vasanas or core issues to awareness and then experiencing them through to completion.  The fireworks should be over.

It’s time now to go down another layer and dissolve the conditioning that keeps us locked into automatic behavior.

My working hypothesis is that dissolving that build-up is a process of shedding, discarding, surrendering, yielding, or letting go. It’s a process of dropping things as we would a heavy suitcase.

Underneath it all, we’re OK.

The gamble we take is that our natural state will work to produce the results that we previously sought from conditioning. It’ll see to our survival needs. It’ll se to our spiritual needs. My understanding is that there’s no further need for conditioning on the rarified heights we’re aiming for, if there ever was.

In fact our conditioning is counterproductive, just as surely as dropping it is counterintuitive. It seldom if ever achieved what we wanted it to, witness the high rate of relationship breakdown in our society.

Just as our use of conditioning involved clutching certain behavior patterns and other responses to life, so our dissolving of it involves letting go of the pattern we clutched. If we need something to substitute for it, I suggest we substitute love. In a word, that’s our real mission here, anyways.

Letting go of our conditioning proceeds at such a deep and conscious level of Will that we seldom actually have succeeded in the past in letting go of a pattern. Success has definitely been the exception rather than the rule. But these new energies in which we’re basking bring us hope of much greater success than in past times.

If we want to experience the higher states, we have to elevate our frequency. And there’s no better way to do that that I’m aware of than cutting the anchor of our conditioning.

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