THE TEACHER – Tools For Awakening and Self-Healing



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THE TEACHER   –   Tools For Awakening and Self-Healing


Here are some basic understandings and self-care practices which can assist you in your journey into the new times ahead.

With thanks to Shannon for her input and guidance.


  • “Let each and every thing be in its true frequency, and then all is in peace and harmony”.
  • This is the law of the New Reality and shall be honoured by all – no exception.
  • This Law is about honouring The Sacred in everythings in creation.  Living the reality that all things are of God.
  • It is also about about the importance of allowing everything to exist according to its true nature.
  • When this is done with true unconditional love, it means that we are now living Oneness.



  • Surrender to God and the Divine Plan.
  • Allow all things to unfold naturally.
  • Let the head be handmaiden to the heart.
  • The heart gives you divinely inspired vision.
  • The head sometimes then provides useful tools for putting the vision into practice.
  • The heart has its own consciousness and thinking – let this lead you.
  • Surrender yourself to God’s Guidance.
  • Be a servant of The One.
  • Heal and balance the masculine and feminine within you.
  • Take care with what you expose yourself to – choose what inputs you wish to shower your body and consciousness with.
  • Flood yourself with that which is life enhancing and promotes the expansion & growth of consciousness.  And keep clear of that which does not promote all this.
  • This includes what environment, work and people you choose to spend time with.
  • God is in all things – look for this, see this and honour this.
  • See The Divine Presence in all beings.  But also see how the outer aspects & personality of the other person are behaving – and act accordingly.
  • All return Home to The Source, to The One – each according to their unique paths.  None are lost or neglected.
  • And all follow their own particular individual journey – as shaped by their choices (both conscious & from unconscious patterns) & soul experience & divine agreements & life contracts.
  • Allow each being to live according to their own unique path – which is between them and God (and so is none of your business).
  • Allow all, and then All shall be.
  • Be discerning.
  • Be aware of that which is for you to, and that which is for God.  Ask God to guide you in this.  Leave alone that which is for God to do.  Only concern yourself with that which is your responsibility & that which is for you to do.
  • Open the Christ Heart & activate the God Mind.
  • Christ Heart – a new chakra at the top of the breast-bone.  This gives access to the sea of Christ Consciousness.
  • God Mind – a new chakra at the top of the head.  This is the place to communicate with the Mind of God – the place to receive Divine Knowing.
  • Be multi-dimensional.
  • Anchor yourself in the New Reality – the new matrix of the Fifth Dimension here on Earth.
  • Be grounded.
  • Be self-sovereign.
  • In relationships always stay in self-sovereignty – while you share with each other the cycling flow of energy between the two of you.
  • Give of yourself (in service), but never give yourself away.
  • Always honour your life experience and inner sense of what is right & wrong for you.
  • Have your head in heaven while you have your feet in the clay.
  • Be aware that we have been living in an Age of Darkness (a time of separation, illusion & duality), but we are now returning to an Age of Light.
  • We are now entering the New Reality of Oneness.  And all this is according to the Divine Plan.
  • Bring to light all aspects of yourself (even the ugly or rejected or painful ones) and welcome all back to your inner family.  Claim all your parts back – past, present & future, and all levels.  This is soul retrieval work.
  • Bring to light all that is hidden, shine The Light on all this, and all becomes Light.  This is the power of the Light of Consciousness.
  • Discover your personal gift(s) and in some way share it with others as a gift of true service.  This is a key part of life.
  • Discover and live your passion – that which warms your heart & nourishes your soul
  • The true purpose of your life is to discover who you really are and to live this in daily life.
  • This is to know that you are God and to walk this on earth’s floor.


Author: Higher Density Blog

My Spiritual Path and quest for Ascension led me to begin Higher Density Blog in late 2012. Sharing discoveries, exploring 5D Abilities, Universe within, Unity Consciousness, New Science, Galactics, Awakening Humanity and Arts of Creation weave the fabric of Higher Density Blog.