THE TEACHER – Mother Earth’s Ascension and Our Journey Home – Earth’s Forgotten History

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The Last Golden Age occurred in Lemuria (founded 900,000 years ago when Humanity was reseeded onto this earth from the Syrian and Lyran/Vega star systems), and ceased 26,000 years ago when Atlantis destroyed her.

Prior to this there had first been an etheric/angelic guardian species on earth beginning 35 million years ago, and then a reptoid/dinoid group joined them peacefully about 26 million years ago.

Subsequently an intelligent native-born pre-cetacean species (humanoid land-based fully conscious whale & dolphin-like species) evolved on the planet and lived in harmony with the other groups.  Thus Earth was a showcase planet in the Galaxy to demonstrate how different life-forms could live together in peace and harmony.  We will be this again soon – in an enriched form.

10 million years ago war-like reptilians invaded our solar system, and were finally cleared from this planet 2 million years ago by the angelic and pre-cetacean groups.

Then 6 million years ago Humanity developed on Vega (a star system in the constellation of Lyra) – initially as a higher primate form.  By request of the angelic & pre-cetacean groups on Earth, the planetary guardians of Vega allowed intervention to greatly speed up the evolution of humans into a fully conscious species (along lines somewhat similar to the Monolith in the films “2001” and “2010”).

The Human species then spread to Sirius and The Pleiades, and finally to Earth about 4 million years ago.

Hyperbornea (Hyperborea) flourished from 2 million years ago as the first true Human civilization on Earth, but it was brutally destroyed by the reptilians 1 million years ago.  The Galactic Federation then drove off these reptilian invaders but not until Mars and Venus had been ravaged, and the planet Marduk/ Maldek/Bellona between Mars & Jupiter had been destroyed.  And the human group on Earth was destroyed.  A time of “Star Wars” indeed.

Humanity returned to Earth from Sirius and Vega to found the glorious civilizations of Mu and Lemuria 900,000 years ago.

And so The Last Golden Age took place on Earth.  This pure and noble civilization flourished on a great continent in The Pacific Ocean (the south-eastern sea-border of Australia is a remnant of this marvellous land – as are the islands of Hawaii and Fiji).

The Lemurian people were only half manifest on the dense earthly realm.  They still had a significant etheric essence, and lived in conscious harmony with the planet and all her life forms.  Many of these people were semi-transparent and had a blue colouring to them.  Beautiful liquid crystalline workings were done, along with harmonious directing of vibrant life energies.  Much of this seemed to be organic plant-style growth, and harmonious directing of natural energies.  Conscious Earth Magic in action.  People lived in extended tribal or clan groupings, and were one with The Source.  Consciousness and symbiotic connections were prized.

Atlantis was then founded as a daughter colony of Lemuria on a great continent in The Atlantic Ocean, and at first was also a great civilization.

Other peace-loving beautiful daughter colonies of Lemuria were established in northern India & China (centred around modern-day Tibet or Shangri-La), around Greece & Crete (the Ionian culture), and in the central Americas and the Andes mountains.

The Atlanteans prized the intellect and their accomplishments – perhaps under the influence of the nature of the land they were living on, and of the different space beings visiting them.  They developed wonderful technologies – many of them crystal based.  They were great builders, loving pyramidal structures.  They also loved working with powerful energies, and shaping great changes & improvements for the earth.  Technology and power were prized.  The Atlanteans were the first humans to fully and completely manifest on the physical earth plane.

However the Atlanteans became too fascinated in their scientific accomplishments and they became closed-hearted – preferring The Intellect to The Heart.  And so they lost sight of GOD.

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  1. This is so off the mark, Lemuria was founded by Lyrans and Pleiadians. Lemuria was destroyed by floods as both Lemuria and Atlantis went down at the same time natural disaster. Lemurians were NOT transparent but body form just like us. Dolphins and Whales were like the pets of some starseeds and as such have high vibration.
    Some of the Lemurians left before the floods just as some of the Atlanteans then all then went on to inhabit other areas. Also the Lemurians were the ones that worked with the crystals for the higher good, the Atlanteans were about ego and domination. They were the Sciences of Lemuria that left as they wanted to experiment on the animals that were already here.


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