LISA BROWN – Solstice Ascension Symptoms – 12-21-15


Lisa Transcendance Brown

Okay loves, we are getting our ROYAL BUTTS kicked with these continual cosmic blasts of everything Light. We’ve been gamma the last few hours and I made it just that long and now it’s back to bed for me. A short walk to get the trash can at the road did me in. Melissa going through her upgrades for her and me going through mine, and these are completely different, which is how it works for us all!

I’ve not been put in bed and gone through this much physically in what seems like years. My whole head clearing, my left eye as my upgrades are to accommodate Crystal Skull knowledge as well as upgrade this within my own Crystalline Structure. Head whammy huge, the rest of the body upgrading and dumping too. Now, it’s not intense, it’s just that I don’t get shut down anymore and I am getting shut down. This is HUGE so honor you. Letting everything go. Nothing’s more important than this.

The Spine is the center of all CRYSTALLINE ACTIVATIONS. The body gets shut down when immense amounts of photonic light activates inside. It’s the point. We weaken, radiation obliterates old programs inside, food does not work well so take care with this.

Killing the old cells/programs, even eating live is rejected for they kinda are opposites while this occurs. Sleep, rest, be lazy. Solar winds mix in to bring the sleepies, releasing DMT/Melatonin for many too. When we awaken, we are stronger, have more cap-abilities and things are way easier, more abundance comes, you name it.

These are lasering through our physical light-bodies deactivating the old programs that we all held. This is your evolution as a Star BEing and the eradication of the old so that all can move further into the Higher Realms Frequency Bandwidths of NEW Earth without the old stuff anymore. This is what you came here for. The more you embrace, honor and assist, the easier it is and the “faster” all occurs and comes forth.

Now it’s the head/brain…. nausea does come with these. Everything you feel is this. If you are not feeling it, no worries, you will. The relaxing of the body and the releasing process speeds up how much you can feel. I love you. Back when I can. ♥

Crystal encodements are being activated as well. Galactic Vortexes opening. Pineal ♦ gland, heartbeats in body as this occurs. Everything is. ♦

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