Lord Sananda via Elizabeth Trutwin – by Anne deHart – 2014 Message

Yes!  And is my custom, I am allowing yesterday’s message to remain for a thorough review.  So now, to continue  as we acquaint ourselves with the Hologram of Planet Earth…

On September 22, 2014 the Equinox heralded high energy coming to Earth. On this day there was an alignment between Earth and Galactic Center. This alignment is rare and when it happens it opens a gateway wherein great change can occur. This is like an alchemical reaction. This is like passing through a StarGate. The purpose of a StarGate is to step up the vibrational frequency in order to pass through to another octave of dimensionality. This gateway opening was headed by Lord Maitreya on September 22 and closely assisted by Master Serapis Bey and Lord Lanto of the Second Ray. This gateway opening changed the vibrational octave of the mountain ranges on Earth. The mountains form a network of StarGates. This is part of the appeal of Earth to the dark cabal. They have not only tried to control Earth but more than another 37 Planets and beyond. Due to Earth’s vast network of StarGates, in this sector it greatly eases travel around the Galaxy. It would be like being able to show up to your local train station and be able to reach any highly traveled destination in moments instead of having to travel along the tracks for hours to get there. The less desired locations still must be arrived at the slow way, but the StarGates make travel to hubs almost instantaneous. This is why wars continue to take place around StarGates. The goal is to keep control of the StarGates for interstellar travel.

The Great Equinox, this time where the perfect alignment happens, as the autumnal equinox comes, and the harvest time that we bring in this moment, the harvesting of our own soul matrix that has reaped the benefits of what has grown here. This time as we go into Inner Space, winter space, where we reflect on this Inner moment. We moved from there into a Full Blood Sukkot Harvest Moon October 8, 2014. This Blood Moon is a series of four we will see over the course of a year. This is the fourth time this has happened in the last 500 years. As these rarified energies come to Earth there are many discussions about how we get to the next higher Octave where we have Open Contact and Ships Landing. We seek how to arrive there with gratitude, grace and love. This is not a time for doing the same old thing. It is a time of change.

This Equinox saw changes in the mountain ranges in the west in the United States. Similar changes are happening other places as well. The Taos Mountain hum has amped up its frequency and vibration. This is happening in the area which will become the Earth headquarters for the Galactic Federation. There is a popular rock song with the lyrics ‘Your head is humming and it won’t go, in case you don’t know, The piper’s calling you to join him,’ This is the hum mentioned in the song. This hum is coming from a subetheric generator which can be seen under Taos Mountain, under the Giza Plateau, under Stonehenge and under the Ziggurat of Ur as well others. These are the zero point modules. They will be employed to bring the Earth Grid to Zero Point at the time of The Event. After Disclosure we will see President Obama and the real King of Egypt unearth a large StarShip which crash landed under the Giza Pyramids many aeons ago. This was our beginning on Earth. We started here as Starseeds from Niburu, Dracos, Orion and later from all over the Galaxy.

There is much discussion about what is happening now. How will we forgive ourselves for what went wrong in those ancient days? How can we accept the truth of the changes rushing to Earth, ready or not? These Ones who crash landed at Earth started the Grand Experiment of Duality. As time went on it became clear that time traveling intergalactic War Criminals brought technologies to Earth which humans were not evolved enough to have. At that realization a Plan went into effect to help Earth because this violated the Prime Directive. This allowed the Galactic Federation to intervene on behalf of humanity because they were turned into slaves by this technology. Cloning, Solid Holograms and DNA manipulation are all examples of advanced technology. The other big technology brought here was nuclear energy. This too was misused as a weapon. The Galactic Federation has been helping Earth and now a Plan has been made to free Earth. It was decided the only way to make things right was to raise Earth very suddenly into Higher Dimensions. Earth is going through a massive Dimensional Shift and is surrounded by the Photon Belt which is basically towing Earth across the Milky Way Galaxy back to the Central Sun at Alcyone in the Pleiades.

On October 19, 2014 the fly-by at Mars of StarShip Siding Spring…
some are calling it the Siding Spring Comet. This is a large MotherShip designed to look like a comet. This Ship will be bringing healing energy to Mars. Mars is not a Planet, it is a Moon. Mars was the Moon to the Planet Maldek. Maldek went Super Nova after prolonged nuclear explosions for three days broke the Maldek Grid disintegrating the Biosphere and causing an explosion that resulted in the Asteroid Belt. Mars was pulled out of Orbit and now sits next to Earth.

Mars and Luna, Earth’s Moon work as stabilizers. They play a role to hold their corresponding Planet in their Orbit within the Galaxy and Universe. In the Quantum Field there is a Cosmological Constant. This is obtained within the quantum vacuum zero point energy, this is the ground state. It is within this physics we begin to understand why a Planet may have one, two, three or more Moons. They are the stabilizers. They are like the legs of a stool. They hold the Orbit at Zero Point. Planets who have descended into a vibration below the 5th Dimension need even more help holding their Orbit in cooperation with the other Orbs within the Solar System.

Mar’s two small Moons, Deimos and Phobos as well as Luna, Earth’s Moon are all artificial Satellites, hollow and made from metal. When the Lunar Orbiter landed on the Moon a bell sound echoed and caused their seismic equipment to register a continuous reverberation like a bell for more than an hour. There are images from a Russian Satellite program cancelled in the 90’s of an enormous MotherShip approaching Deimos.

In the dark matter Universe each Planet is illumined by the Sun. The Sun is a ball of helium which transduces energy from the Great Central Sun and holds within it several StarGates. There are many videos circulating of StarShips going through these StarGates entering the Sun and exiting the Sun. Likewise the Sunlight hitting the Moons of Planets illuminate them. Due to lack of terrain, seas and structures the Moons glow brightly in the night sky. As Moonlight shines onto its nearby Planet in the night time hours they are keepers of biorhythms which affect all species on any given Planet. These mark the side real time as the Celestial Spheres dance across the heavens spinning within their matrix in All That Is. This cadence is set with these artificial Satellites and they keep the balance of orbit within the Zero Point Generator grounded into the Universal Hologram. The reason the MotherShip disguised as a comet called Siding Spring will do a fly-by to Mars on October 19th is to reset the Satellite’s subetheric generator for the New Hologram set into motion on the New Timeline September 22, 2014. This will be done with advance Extraterrestrial Technology coming from the MotherShip Siding Spring by a close proximity fly-by of the Moon Mars.

There have been massive structures seen on Luna and Mars. Both are artificial Moons. These structures pertain to technologies which affect the nearby Planets. Maldek and Earth both were once in the 12th Dimension and Great Planets of Light. The structures we see now on Mars and Luna were built by negative Extraterrestrials doing genetic experiments in duality after these Planets fell into density. These technologies were operated by the Intergalactic War Criminals who still hold Earth in slavery. These technologies affect the sea water tides. They also affect our blood plasma. Many experiments have been carried out over the years and our emotions have been targeted. In using these technologies many diseases have been manufactured. As Disclosure ends the Truth Embargo over your Planet these larger Truths will become known. This is a part of Ascending Earth. Earth continues through the progression of the massive Dimensional Shift. These Truths will come to light now. This is the reason why Neil Armstrong said the Apollo 11 Astronauts were warned off the Moon by menacing Extraterrestrials. The negative ETs did not want to give up control of their Bases, Labs and ongoing experiments on Humanity. NSA Astronauts were in collusion with the negative Extraterrestrials and in the 60s they had weekly visits to Earth’s Moon. The Galactic Federation has driven all of these ETs and their technology off the Moon now.


October 23, 2014 New Moon in Scorpio and Scorpio Solar Eclipse

The dark Moon brings with it a Solar Eclipse. The celestial events race on to solidify the work begun on the Equinox. The Earth Hologram gels on the New Earth Timeline. We are fully in the 5th Dimension and above in some sacred places. This massive Dimensional Shift will bring many changes to Earth and very quickly. This Scorpio Solar Eclipse is an opportunity to leave behind any failing love relationships before karma ends once and for all at Zero Point. Letting go is not easy. A clarion call has gone out to all Twin Flames to reunite at New Earth and enter their new Mission contracts. No Twin Flame will approach a mate in a committed relationship. If you are today in a relationship that has not been fully committed to love for a long time, if you have known an eventual change would need to happen, there is no time like the present. Many of you continue in relationships for convenience, for financial reasons or for the sake of the children. Those programs are cancelled. Your karmic attachment is being dissolved. Be prepared. Carry the Knowledge so when the changes hit suddenly you will have no fear. Everything you have waited for will change now in the coming months and leading into 2015. This is an ongoing evolutionary change. It is a cure to Earth being thrust into this advanced evolution before She was ready. This is Truth and Justice and an end to duality on this Planet. Namaste!


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