Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek – Transmission from Galactic Federation of Light – All the power is within you Now – Anchoring Heaven On Earth – – 11-17-15


Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek


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December 17, 3:00 pm
Know now that beyond any and all illusions from the mind, you are God with a capital uppercase letter “G” and not a lower case letter “g.”
All the power is within you Now.

Go within, embrace the stillness which you are; embrace your unconditionally loving self, and be calm, dissolving the lower ego mind, the voice in your head.  This will allow you to awaken to this awareness and reality of being into a frequency of unity consciousness.

2:30 pm
Know that every soul aspect of consciousness is a representation of the entire whole in which every soul on Earth, even those who serve the dark, are a reflection of who you are as Source. No soul is ever separate from you.  Each soul, or aspect of consciousness, makes the entire whole. We experience the illusion of duality as part of an agreement on the soul level, in order to evolve and grow more into our power as Source Beings inhabiting a body so that we may be able to experience this expansion through the physical illusory experience. We forget who we are, upon incarnating into a holographic body. We then have to awaken to our nature as multidimensional Beings of Light through embracing our innate power which is unconditional love. This is what we are, in essence.

2:03 pm

I often transition in my etheric Light body into our conscious motherships which are 500 miles long and wide in diameter, in which I then meet with the Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Andromedans, Lyrans, Agarthans, Tularians and many other Extraterrestrials who exist in a higher dimensional frequency, who are Ascended Masters in nature.  We then sit around a crystal roundtable which also modulates frequencies of those attending the meeting, often downloading information into our ship’s motherboards and processing this information, to diagnose all the distortions on Earth. We then discuss the immediate importance of peace and cleaning up all the high radiation from all the explosions caused through missiles and other chemically derived manufactured biological hazards which affects not only the Earth, but works to numb consciousness and depopulate Earth humans through its inhumane destructiveness.  Then, communicating these downloads of information from the motherboard to other motherships, all the ships come together, surrounding the Earth, forming a grid, transferring high Light quotient  of healing energy, strengthening the grids more and intensifying the Earth’s frequency, so that when she ascends, it proceeds in a calm and non-destructive manner of being.

We also discuss initiating a mass clean-up of all those who serve the dark, along with those who are controlled by the dark who are not ready to ascend yet in this lifetime. This includes those with much karma to clear in general. These beings will be teleported to another Earth-like planet which is not Earth, but very similar. They will serve out their karma with greys, reptilians, draconians and all kinds of rogue beings there, to only experience an opportunity to ascend in another 26.000.00 years to follow in linearity. Those of a low frequency continue to be removed from the planet.  More of those who operate from an egoic and dark nature will transition through the death process to be recycled back into the Galactic core of the Great Grand Galactic central sun, to make their path easier in reincarnation so that they are able to ascend and find peace during the enclosing of another 26.000.00 year cosmic cycle.

Upon returning from motherships, I then transition back into my human body, where I then assimilate my higher dimensional experiences into my DNA. I encode this into my transmissions with the assistance of the Galactics and Archangels, through which I expand this informatiom out into the world with the utmost of divine unconditional love. This reaches light workers of all natures who also then rise the frequency of the Earth more to rid this planet of all darkness and completely anchor Heaven on Earth in fullness within a 5th dimensional reality where only light exists, beyond any illusory natures of duality.


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