GIFT OF SOURCE – BY Marie Love @ Ascension Whispers – 12-13-15

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BY Marie Love @ Ascension Whispers   –   12-13-15

Do you feel as though you traveled through space at hyper speed? If you do, it is because you did. All of humanity and the entire earth did just that on December 12, 2015. If this sounds like something out of Star Wars, that is because my brain is using the experiences I have had to translate the information to me. That is the same for all people.

You did not really go anywhere though. You still find yourself exactly where you were on December 11, 2015. That is because space is an illusion and you do not have to go anywhere to time travel through the illusion of space. It is also because you are traveling “within” your conscious mind. The conscious mind of earth humanity is “earth”. If you need the image of a space ship, then your space ship is earth.

Humanity is re-accreting energy faster than the “perceived” speed of light. December 12, 2015, per the time keeping methods used on earth, marked the next hyper shift into a higher level of energy or a higher vibration rate. Per the time keeping methods of earth, December 12 will remain the date of the beginning of the yearly accretion cycle and the date of the hyper jump into a higher vibration rate. This is because the Eternal Life Grid came back online, within humanity, on December 12, 2013, so it is the date of the beginning and ending of each yearly cycle. It is also because the collective of humanity adopted the same rate of accretion at the end of September, 2015. We could compare the date to the “launch pad”. The 12 actually corresponds to the creation point.



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