Sophia Love – The Mantid Race – 12-13-15

Mantis 1

The mantid race has been described in numerous discussions of beings who are here at this time. It’s unlikely many of us will meet with them. Most of us will meet only with hominid races so as not to cause us discomfort.

Sophia Love, “The Mantid Race,” Nov. 2015, by email.

The following conversation took place on October 23rd, 2015

“Is there someone who wishes to connect?”

There is. We would like an audience Sophia.

I’m not sure how to respond to that statement.

Mantis 2We’ve seen that you have access to many and would like to introduce ourselves. There will come a day when the contact is physical. This non-physical awareness and contact is useful to us. It helps with the strangeness when first meeting.

The physical strangeness will be enough to overcome. A description therefore may aid the process.

What is it that you look like? Do you have a name that would aid in this description?

You may label us “mantid”. There is a species on your planet that appears similar. We are not related.

So you look like the praying mantis?

Sort of, yes.

I’ve understood that specific off world species is not a positive or benevolent one. That it is hostile to human beings on earth.

We are not that particular faction of the species, although we do appear similar.

Mantis 3Explain please.

Just as you have many factions within the species human – so do we.

The faction I represent is not hostile, yet I would not call us friendly either. We have no interest in harming or helping the human.

Why then are you reaching out to me in this way?

Mantis 6Because we have seen the audience and desire an introduction. In this way, through you, we can explain a bit about ourselves before visual contact destroys any chance of a neutral reception.

Okay, I can understand that. Go ahead then. What sort of information would you like to be known about you? Can you tell me where you are from? I keep hearing Zeta Reticuli.

Yes. It is good to know you are accurately interpreting our sending. This is what you would call our “home” star system.

What we would like you to know and like humanity to be aware of is that races cannot be labelled accurately using appearance as an indicator.

One of the things you (empirical) are fast becoming conscious of is in fact how unreliable appearance is as a barometer for anything at all – kindness, aggression, gender, intelligence, intention are but a few of the misunderstood facets that have previously been attributed due to “type”.

We are peaceful and may not interact with your race for many generations due to the fact that you are not ready. The earth and her people will have to progress to the next stage in their evolution in order for open contact to ensue.

I was interrupted with a telephone call here.

“Is anyone still there?”

We are.

Is this the mantid being? This is a different energy – I feel waves of it – causing an imbalance – it is strong, unsettling.

I am of the same race as has recently been in contact yet my signature can be called “regal”. I am one of the power holders and decision makers and wisdom keepers. I am old, very old. What is bowling you over now is my ancient song. I carry much. I would like engagement.

Are you of the same faction then?

I am from Zeta Reticuli System and my appearance and methods of interaction are the same. I reach to you now to as well experience your energy. I sense another’s signature – it is quieter and more insistent than yours.

I have a young kitten and he has just walked across my arms, wanting attention. He rests by my side now.

Yes. Your own signature is fluttery. Light and all encompassing. It is sent out with your intent and heard as an invitation – wonderfully fluttery yet intense and brilliant.
Mantis 5You do a service to us all, offering your own self in this way – trusting.

I have declared and the intent is for assistance. Truth must be shared only.

Yes. I see that you have. It is such a young race, the human. Your ideas and purity are fascinating. You exist as a combination of the whole of sentience and your expression is thus appreciated by each of us. In this way we unite.

I am still dizzy with your energy. Do you have a message?

It is this. I am not like you yet I know you and have watched from this far “away” distance your evolution. Perhaps it could be better said that I was aware of your evolution – I have not “watched” (it).

What I do and how I interpret who you are is by your energy. Sophia has a unique signal and it broadcasts peace and interest. It is not however the signal of the collective – that is a more cautious and aggressive signal.

The whole of creation is undergoing evolution and what seems to be happening is an elemental switch from subservience to self-empowered, violence/fear to peace/love, disharmony/polarity to harmony/unity.

This is a fundamental change for a species, any species. This accomplishment is of interest to me. It adds to my understanding of creation.

One moment will include a physical meeting of our representative races. When this moment happens, there will be a tiny sense of familiarity because of this contact now. We’ve met. It is an honor to engage now and be so close to the transformation.

Thank you for your service to mankind and as well to all of creation. This is important work and necessary.

Are you complete?

I am.

Thank you.

I look forward to meeting. Goodbye.

This conversation ended.

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