Upgrade Underway – Living Life In Between – 12-12-15

Thanks to:  Living Life In Between aurabody


There is an upgrade underway. This is how I have been experiencing it. How about you? What have you been experiencing this week leading up to today, 12/12/2015?


These past few days have been filled with information seeming to constantly stream into my consciousness. I get the information, acknowledge it, think to myself, “I need to write this down” and then promptly forget all about it. It becomes completely gone from my mind. Wiped out.

Then out of the blue it returns. It is like it is simply placed back into my mind and appears as if it never left. And I’m like, “Wait a minute. When did that happen? Where did that come from? How could I have forgotten that?”


I also have a headache. I am on day two of it. Sometimes it is my entire head, other times just right in the center of my forehead. It got so bad last night I almost took an Ibuprofen but as soon as I thought of it, the pain lessened.

I can’t help but think the two are related. Memory loss + headache = upgrade in effect. At least that is my suspicion.row up if he were.




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