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Steve Beckow   –   Everything We Need to Know About Ascension, Parts 1, 2   –   12-8-15


As more and more people awaken to Ascension, the need grows to answer as many questions about the shift as possible.

The synopsis that follows was taken from the works of the Company of Heaven – the celestials and terrestrial and galactic ascended masters who are here at this time to help us make the transition. It follows a question-and-answer format.

What is critical to ascending?

Ascension is possible for all who have absorbed the light. (Matthew’s Message, Aug. 13, 2010, at

The fact is you cannot move higher than your vibrations allow, and clearly that would be the level at which you would feel most comfortable. (SaLuSa, Oct. 22, 2012 at at

With Ascension no souls can go forward with it unless their vibrations are compatible with it. The choice is still yours, but you must have reached a certain vibratory level to ascend. All souls will have known about it before they came into incarnation, and some of them have no desire to ascend, but wish to add this period in duality to their experience. (SaLuSa, Feb. 20, 2012 at

All happens as it should according to Universal Law.

Put simply it states that no soul can move upwards until they have reached a similar vibration.  (SaLuSa, Oct. 19, 2012.)

Only those of you who have lifted your vibrations sufficiently, will be able to join those energies. Thereby lies the outworking of a truth, that only those of the Light can exist in the new dimension. The choice has always been yours, but with it comes the responsibility to carve out your own pathway to Ascension. You can have all of the help and encouragement in the world, but only you can take the necessary steps that will bring it about for you. (SaLuSa, Jan. 9, 2012 at

It is the light within a body that transforms its carbon-based cellular structure into the crystalline form that enables the body to live in the high vibrations of energy planes beyond third density. (Matthew’s Message, Jan. 4, 2012 at

Your objective is to bring more Light through to increase your level of vibration. At some point in the near future you will in fact be successful, and as a result be ready to rise up into the higher dimensions. Indeed, as soon as you are ready you will be lifted up but can still visit the lower dimensions, as you will be able to lower your vibrations to do so. (SaLuSa, Feb. 20, 2015 at

In that moment [of Ascension], what we are calling a moment, (1) there is a choice. Do you want — and it can happen instantaneously, because so many of you have laid the foundation — do you want to be in the heart of one of love? Do you wish to be in the higher frequency? In the very last second, all they need to say is yes, and allow themselves to be flooded by what you can think of as a tidal wave of energy that will sweep the planet. That is why we say all are invited. (Steve Beckow, “Reading with Archangel Michael, August 1, 2011” through Linda Dillon, at

(1) Ascension is both gradual and sudden. It is gradual in that we’re being bathed in successive waves of energy that are gradually elevating us and it’s sudden in that there are moments when jumps are made. See Part 2 for two “sudden” events – Brahmajnana or God Realization and Sahaja Samadhi or our natural and liberated state of being.

And for you, the task this time around is simply this: to finally allow that innermost part of you, that singularity of light that has no equal, no other place in All of creation to come out from hiding so that you and everyone else around you can SEE you in all of your glory.

For then and only then will others be able to finally release all of their own inner fire as well. And it is only by allowing that fire to burn brightly, while still within this miracle of a human body you inhabit, that all of these seeds of life encased within all of the other physical carriers on this planet can come fully to life once again. (“The Constant Companions: The Manuscript of Survival-Part 434,” channeled by Aisha North, February 24, 2015, at

We must clear 51% of our negative frequency patterns and attune our Energetic Signature to at least a portion of the lower sub-level frequencies of the Fifth Dimension in order to [ascend]. (1) (Archangel Michael, Sept. 27, 2009, through Ronna Herman, at

(1) If we haven’t assimilated enough light to tolerate  living in the Fifth-Dimensional environment, then we cannot remain on the Fifth Dimension. The same applies to any higher dimension. Like all dimensions (or planes), the Fifth Dimensions has subplanes. The real entry into the Fifth Dimension comes with Sahaja Samadhi, which itself comes at a higher 5D subplane than the first.

It is the Laws of the Universe that determine where every soul is to be found, but they can move lower if it is their desire. However, none can move beyond their correct level, except that a Higher Being accompanies them. This sometimes takes place in the interests of allowing knowledge of the higher dimensions, and possibly to meet some of the great souls that reside in them [the dimensions, that is]. (Atmos, Jan. 28, 2009.)

It is simply the physics governing life in this universe that bodies bereft of light cannot survive in those higher vibrations. (Matthew’s Message, April 23, 2011, at

Do I need to know about Ascension to ascend?

Knowledge of the Ascension process is not necessary to be assured of rising up with it. There are many, many souls that are kind, loving and compassionate who are also ready for such an upliftment. In fact they may have quite a different view of the future, but that does not matter as they will soon adapt to the coming changes. (SaLuSa, Nov. 13, 2012 at

Which is more important to Ascension: knowledge or intention?

However, it must be understood that Ascension is so near that if you desire to seize this opportunity to get out of the 3rd. dimension, you do need to ensure you know what is needed of you. As we have so often mentioned it is your intent that is so important, because as soon as you send out that energy it attracts similar energy, and strengthens yours that opens up the pathway to Ascension.  (SaLuSa, Dec. 2, 2011 at

Must I believe in God to ascend?

A lack of belief in God is not necessarily preventing people from ascending, as many of them are at heart very kind and decent people. It is what you are inside that counts, but we always come back to the need to treat others as yourself. (SaLuSa, Oct. 3, 2012 at
Must I be 100% healed to ascend?

You do not need to be one hundred percent healed and whole emotionally and spiritually in order to ascend. … We can work miracles with each of you. This is our intention. (Sananda in Eric Klein, The Crystal Stair. Livermore: Oughten Hosue Publications, 1992; c1990, 34.)

What if my life so far has not been exemplary?

Do not make the mistake of judging yourself unsuitable to ascend, as whatever your life so far you can always step onto a new path. (SaLuSa, March 9, 2012 at

My path is different from that of other lightworkers I know. Will I still ascend?

Do not concern yourself if your path is different to others, as there is more than one way to reach Ascension. Indeed there are time lines that cover every possible combination of possibilities. If you have exercised your choice there can be no wrong way, otherwise freedom of choice would be pointless. (SaLuSa, Dec. 2, 2011 at

(Continued in Part 2.)




Everything We Need to Know About Ascension – Part 2/8

enlightenment3(Continued from Part 1.)

Two sudden Ascension-related events are Brahmajnana (Seventh-Chakra Enlightenment, God-Realization) and Sahaja Samadhi (a permanent heart opening, our natural state). When will Brahmajnana occur?

Steve Beckow: Matthew [Ward] seemed to imply [Ascension] was going to happen in 2017. That is not the case, right?

Archangel Michael:   That will be what you can think of as phase two, when the full awareness is anchored within everybody.

SB:   So, now, the full awareness is Sahaja Samadhi.

AAM:   Well, it won’t be that extreme. But it will be a full… it will be what you think of as your Golden Age.

SB:   Right. Is it an enlightenment?

AAM:   Yes.

SB:   So is it Brahmajnana?

AAM:   Yes.

SB:   Oh!  So 2017 will be Brahmajnana. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 28, 2014.)

When does Sahaja Samadhi – the level of enlightenment that concludes our present Ascension journey – occur?

Steve Beckow: When does Sahaja Samadhi occur?

Divine Mother: It occurs with a more gradual awakening and lifting up. So there is the abrupt “I am not the same,” then there is the working and the anchoring, the integration, then there is another jump, and another jump, and another jump. And you don’t know it — well, some of you do — but you are leap-frogging. And then you will be there.

SB: Now, are those jumps equivalent to sub-planes? (6)

DM: You can think of it as sub-planes, dimensional sub-planes, yes. (“The Divine Mother: We are Creating a New Species of Humans,” channeled by Linda Dillon, July 10, 2014, at

Steve Beckow:   Oh!  So 2017 will be Brahmajnana. When will Sahaja occur?

Archangel Michael:   Shortly thereafter. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 28, 2014.)

How long will the Ascension door be left open?

Exactly the same way that the door to the thirteenth octave was kept open by those who passed through and held the door open, slightly ajar, for those who wished to continue, it is the same for this Ascension process.

The door is being kept ajar by those of the collective of humanity — and your star brothers and sisters, actually — who have diligently worked, both consciously, unconsciously, and subconsciously, to keep this door open so that as many may ascend into the new realm as possible.

So you are saying, “How long will the door be kept open? How long will people have?” At this point in your time, and in the convergence of the Divine Convergence, the door will be kept open for those who are diligently — and diligently is described and defined by yourselves — working on Ascension, the door will be kept open indefinitely.

No, not for thousands of years, but for the duration of, shall we say, a lifetime. (“Archangel Michael: Let Us Ease This Flight to Freedom,” Dec. 19, 2012, at

(Continued in Part 3.)

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