5 Practices to Expand Your Awareness and Harmonize Your Brain – By Justin Faerman, Waking Times – 12-9-15


By Justin Faerman, Waking Times, December 8, 2015


While the brain and consciousness are inextricably linked, groundbreaking research into the nature of consciousness is revealing that their relationship is much different than had previously been assumed and confirming what spiritual teachers have been telling us for ages: that we are simply awareness having an experience in physical form, of which the brain is intricately involved in facilitating.

This is because consciousness, which encompasses the mind itself, is in fact a non-local field of energy, [Jahn, Radin, Stapp, Targ,1,2,3,4,5] which means that the brain is simply an organ which interfaces the mind with physical reality. To draw an analogy, it is a translator of physical sensation and other experiential phenomenon from the body to the mind and from mind to the body.

The brain allows consciousness and the mind to control and move through the body, but they both exist as an energetic field independently of the brain, which is why scientists have never been able to trace consciousness to any specific part of the brain or even to the brain itself. Because the eyes tend to be the focal point of our awareness, it seems as though we are perceiving reality through the brain, which then leads to the incorrect assumption that awareness is a product of the brain, when in truth it simply moves through the brain

However, the brain is still an incredibly important organ in the manifestation of consciousness in physical form, so much so, that if it is not functioning optimally, it will distort the experience of consciousness and the mind considerably. If our brain is undernourished, nutrient deficient, stressed out or in chaotic brainwave patterns, our experience of consciousness in physical form (otherwise known as personal reality) will be diminished, which means that we’ll tend to experience more stress, depression, anxiety, fear, frustration, mental cloudiness and undesirable mental and emotional states with a noticeable diminishment of higher, intuitive-transpersonal mental functioning. In other words, a shutting down of our higher intuitive abilities and spiritual awareness.

On the other hand, if our brain is well nourished, relaxed and the two hemispheres are operating in sync and harmony, our experience of reality will be exponentially improved. This is the basis of consciousness hacking—by bringing our brain into greater harmony, health and balance, we can expand our consciousness. We’ll find ourselves experiencing more inspiration, more creativity, clearer intuition and thinking, deeper peace, happiness, joy and an abundance of other positive emotional states. And while there are certainly many factors that influence the health and functioning of our brain, and hence our expression of consciousness, including our our diet and nutrition, our deeper psychodynamics and our level of accumulated toxicity from environmental pollutants, among quite a few other things, in this article, I’d like to focus in on one specific aspect that is relatively easy (and pleasurable) to control and has a very significant positive impact on your experience of reality as far as all these things go. And that’s your dominant brainwave state.



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