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My Spiritual Path and quest for Ascension led me to begin Higher Density Blog in late 2012. Sharing discoveries, exploring 5D Abilities, Universe within, Unity Consciousness, New Science, Galactics, Awakening Humanity and Arts of Creation weave the fabric of Higher Density Blog.

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  1. For the love of Gaia

    Punished and scarred by dark misdeeds
    I watch in horror as Gaia bleeds
    The dark cabal have planned her demise
    They foul her waters and poison her skies

    Chaos is their way and destruction they seek
    They slaughter the brave and torture the meek
    Kill off the birds take out the bees
    Destroy all sea life bring earth to her knees

    They sit back and revel at what they have done
    But they just got started for them this is fun
    They lead us to war and promise us peace
    Invest in our future then cancel the lease

    They turn your tax dollars to weapons of war
    Work hard all your life be a good little whore
    You sell them your soul for pieces of eight
    Get old you’re discarded by then its too late

    There’s nowhere to hide and nowhere to run
    It’s not over yet, you see… they’re not done
    The earth has been ravaged, pillaged and burned
    Just look around you, what have we learned?

    We drive big fancy cars, wear the finest of clothes
    If they’re old or they’re poor, then just hold your nose
    Just got the new Iphone it’s really sweet
    You walk past the beggars that lay in the street

    It’s time to stand tall, don’t give up the fight
    Sananda is coming with all of his might
    He’ll cast out the dark and let Gaia mend
    A new age is dawning it’s time to ascend

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  2. Gather Round The Violet Flame
    Whilst I spin this tale
    Of beings of light and glory
    That ended up in jail

    Upon this prison planet
    Darkness claimed the throne
    The light retreated from this space
    So truth remained unknown

    The existence of a realm
    Outside of time and space
    Where beings of light and glory
    Dreamed of a humane race

    Magnificent though they were
    They longed for even more
    So they created space and time
    And opened heaven’s door

    They filled the space with suns
    And planets soon were born
    They gazed upon the wonder
    That they would soon adorn

    All forms of life and matter
    With everything in place
    The stage was set the time was right
    Thence came the human race

    Free will was gifted to them
    The choice was theirs to make
    The path of light or darkness
    Was up to them to take

    I tell you now dear ones
    Which ever path you choose
    That all roads lead to home
    Our love could never lose

    Some would soar among the clouds
    While others swam the seas
    Man and beast would roam the earth
    Forever wild and free
    Souls that came and played in life
    Soon became entrapped
    For into form’s that flew or swam
    Their souls were tightly wrapped
    Others came to help the lost
    They came in wind and fire
    When in to life they also stepped
    Soon they too were mired
    The third wave came to act as guides
    For the many in dismay
    Ascended Masters heard the call
    They came to show the way
    And by their light we learn to see
    That which we had forgotten
    The Dark had tainted fruit of life
    And turned the apple rotten
    Atlantis sank beneath the waves Lemuria as well
    The dark had seized our blessed earth and turned it into hell
    War and death and pestilence spread across the land
    The children of Anchara now were in command
    For 13,000 years the dark dominion ruled
    And by Decree of highest light
    The human would be schooled
    Our DNA was altered
    Our memories were veiled
    Our consciousness was limited
    And soon we all were jailed
    We would suffer grievously underneath their yolk
    But by our faith and loving light we never could be broke
    It’s time to reawaken remember who you are
    And by your light that shines so bright
    You glisten Like a star

    I’ve wrapped my wings around you
    And whispered in your ear
    The time for change is coming
    Indeed… it’s truly here.

    It is from heaven, that I descend
    To where the light is naught
    I gather up the souls with hope
    And share with them this thought

    It’s from the light that we all came
    and into darkness fell
    And on the earthly plane exist
    But heaven’s where we dwell

    You’ve forgotten who you are
    And from whence you came
    It’s Heaven where you truly live
    Not on this earthly plane

    We’ve played the game of life and love
    The wars we’ve lost and won
    We lived and died a million times
    So tell me… was it fun?

    What lessons have you really learned?
    And to what did you attend?
    Graduation time is finally here!
    I bid you… now ascend……..

    The Night Before Disclosure
    Twas not long ‘fore disclosure and all through the night
    Not a light worker was sleeping try as they might
    The outlaws were hung by the judges who care
    In hopes that Sananda soon would be there

    @ @

    The workers were resting all snug in their beds
    While visions of NESARA danced in their heads
    I tossed and I turned, I made such a clatter
    My wife turned and said, what is the matter


    It’s nothing honey everything is alright
    The dark ones are leaving
    And try as they might
    Cannot over come the forces of light

    A new day is dawning and you can just bet
    Soon we’ll be dancing with Mother Sekhmet
    We’ll Greet the Agarthans our space family too
    We’ll meet our twin flames and say how do you do

    And what to my wondering eyes should appear
    But a sky full of star ships they’re finally here
    I’ve waited and dreamed of this all of my life
    I came back to bed and smiled at my wife
    It’s almost over we’re close to the end
    Gaia I love you it’s time to ascend

    Joseph M Ayala,
    Light Key

    ((( )))


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