TIARA KUMARA – Recode, Repattern and Reprogram your Energetic Matrix – 12-7-15


Open the 3rd Seal of Encodement


Upgrade the body’s energetic infrastructure so that you can handle greater frequencies of light and, as a result, crystallize the templates of higher evolution.


Morphogenesis Enrollment

Our planet is a living moving energy system that is undergoing a profound transformation, affecting all life upon it. This radical redefinition has been called a planetary ascension. This intrinsically means that our one vibrational pulse is elevating, which gives us greater ability to cognize from expanded perceptual awareness.

This is all supported by Earth’s evolved position in hyperspace, which has opened the channels for a constant stream of transforming solar particles to enter into the planetary energy grids, super charging the electromagnetic field all around us.

Radiating from the Sun, these high frequency emanations are bringing light energy encodings that are capable of bio-chemically transforming our bodies into a more intelligent and more loving life form. Inherent in these frequencies are powerful waveforms of color, light and sound that are morphing the very fabric of our consciousness reality.

These solar particles have the ability to reach into our body’s memory fields, re-pattern the sequences, and override our current genetic code. Our DNA is being greatly stimulated to push out the greater potential that is carried within its dormant encodement.

The bottom line is… that we are progressively mutating into a much greater human potential. This is a metamorphic process of solar empowered alchemy that is changing our atomic bodies from a carbon-based framework into a finely tuned silicon-crystal system.

The program of Morphogenesis guides you through an experience designed to…

* Recode, repattern and reprogram your energetic matrix.
* Self-empower the activation of your body of light.
* Install your higher dimensional energy system.
* Connect more of your crystalline circuitry.
* Recode the DNA and activate dormant DNA substance.
* Build a stronger life force energy field.


This is an excerpt from the MORPHOGENESIS: Opening the Crystalline Seals into Avatar Consciousness.
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presented by Tiara Kumara
I AM Avatar & Children of the Sun Foundation

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