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Cynthia Sue Larson

I get several emails a month from people expressing regret for previous events, along with a desire to fix the present by changing the past. A lot of people would really love to experience a do-over–to get a fresh start and new opportunity to re-experience previous life events, this time making different choices and experiencing different outcomes.

These emails come to me thanks to my having posted videos and articles about changing the past, which some people interpret as suggesting that they can literally learn to jump back in time to relive and re-experience events. I have answered many of these queries in the question and answer section of the RealityShifters ezine, explaining that while evidence exists suggesting that the past can be influenced by future observations, this is not an area in which I’ve witnessed people demonstrating time traveling proficiency.

We can experience many possible realities

What I have experienced, and what many other people have experienced, is a change in our memories compared with what appears to be supporting historical evidence of the moment. Such discrepancies can be indicative of the presence of superpositions of states–in which many possible realities exist as possibilities side-by-side. Not only do possible realities exist for this present moment and future moments, but also for our past.

We can witness superposition of states in our physical lives through observing apparent changes to history–when we become aware that some kind of change has occurred, such that a spontaneous remission from disease has occurred, or some other kind of alternate history is being experienced. This is the kind of reality shifting I write about in my books, Reality Shifts and Quantum Jumps, rather than going back in time with the intention to rectify past events so everything can be more perfect right now.

Go with the flow, with optimistic acceptance 

When we come to some degree of acceptance for what is going on in our lives right now with the additional awareness that we exist in a superposition of states while we maintain an optimistic perspective, we are able to “go with the flow,” while at the same time enjoying support from those like-minded individuals who care about what we care about. With such support, seen or unseen, we can ask together,

“How good can it get?”






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