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By Andrew Profaci,, December 1, 2015

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True feelings are based on intuition and complete trust in self. Through my 1-on-1 sessions it has become evident that most of us are taking, or at least have already begun to take, the first steps in achieving and implementing our personally specific conscious state of mission. You are finding out exactly what your mission is of being incarnated here right now. It’s time for those of us willing and able to step forward and accept that mission is at hand…That or you’re feeling closer and closer…I am and so is nearly everyone I speak to.

Ascension most definitely is here.

I feel my own power has greatly expanded and it is an honor for such innate power to be entrusted to me in this moment. I feel like a steward of energy experiencing the reflection of a ghost, a vessel or conduit for something that is more whole than I could ever be in this body. How is it so obvious and beyond reproach from my perspective yet so easily abused, to do anything but take this energy with us and grow it in service to the human transformation on this planet?

Most of us reading this right now consider yourself as I do, as someone on “the path” of  “spirituality”, so it’s safe to say you put a considerable force of your personal energy into the experiences of your conscious focus, whether intentional or not, this is the case? We are here to be examples of this energy coming through us by becoming conscious and then simply making a choice of unity, others before self. Do you reject that you may be a much bigger deal than you realize? That the mission may seem more vague, until you ”get it” and feel it as if you held the orders in your hand?
(That’s exactly what the Ascension Acceleration Newsletter is intended to do, by the way.)


The opportunity to choose others before self is the pathway to turning-on all the “hidden abilities” that so many are looking for. These opportunities are everywhere, they appear to each of us so many times a day and there’s likely many opportunities that we miss or don’t even try to see…If you saw these abilities they would appear familiar and not new, because you have had them forever.

Matter of fact, if you know the path is within then why are you reading this right now? Seriously? ….The answer is likely because of our mission; that we experience darkness in order to transform darkness and then to use the wisdom of these experiences to create “reference points”. Whether the words are resonant or not, it is for others to accept if they wish and use them toward overcoming their own inner-battles with our experiences serving their ascension like “rungs on a ladder”. This is the mission we are here for and we’ve been on it our entire lives. It may not appear as grandiose as you’d expect but that’s only because you haven’t fully realized what’s actually happening. Remember, it’s all energy. 😉

Your mission has already started.

It is the formation of our experience plus the selfless helping hand to another, that creates a perpetual and exponentially rapid rate of planetary transformation itself just by surrendering to it and allowing the “energy to do its thing” through you…I just get out of the way as much as I can. lol It is merely a choice that we make which differentiates our service to others or service to self when really if you choose service to others in all moments then you continue to expand this energy within you, manifesting, coming through you, this is the energy of source itself. When standing in truth in all moments, service to others is guaranteed to be the same as that which services the self. That’s who you really are anyway, well, really I am pratically showing you how it works. Feel into this if you do not understand quite yet, it is integral.


So I know I wouldn’t entrust what energy is within me to anyone else. Our truth at 5DNews will always be open for anyone to see and we stand as a conduit for the continued rapid expansion of our consciousness and transformation of our selves and everything around us.

We have some big things to do here and this definitely includes you beyond your wildest imagination.

Actions speak louder than words and we are the masters of our own energy. It is learning to trust it and to surrender to it, letting go of externals like outcomes and expectations, and just allow the experience to manifest from your place of center and inner-knowing. By doing this, standing in true presence while holding the highest intentions of service to others is the magical energy of all that you are becoming manifest. You truly are the same consciousness as everyone else, this entire reason for living this incarnation and being “spiritual” is because it is on us to clear our own darkness and inevitably become one again. It is all that separates us, just thoughts. Silly things indeed. It is on us to transform ourselves and everything else inevitably comes with or moves out of the way. It is just energy.

This power of truth inherent from within self is The Key to holding to that which is true to your heart, your soul, from inside yourself and the feeling of your eternal nature is what feeds the fire of transformation that we all inevitably must become to save this planet.


I am not waiting for a space ship. I will be very excited when they arrive but I stay ultimately present and focused on expanding the Light with all my energy that resonates with Truth and Love and Unity, service to others before service to self. We be grounded in all moments and at the same time trusting in our higher mission.

There is nobody else who is having our experience so there’s nobody but us to face it. It literally is a choice of being your Light or choosing the external-illusion, the darkness of unconsciousness, which keeps you from true presence in all moments. I could even explain exactly how unconsciousness is the conscious darkness. They are one in the same. It’s all energy, remember? If an unconscious being is making decisions then how “un”-conscious is this energy, truly? That is the darkness that has pervaded Gaia for too long.

What we came to here to do is very simple however not easy at all. We all have density to accept and let go of, to move on from anything. But some just won’t or some just haven’t gone there just yet. Either way it’s coming, and if you do not transform it then who else will? Who else has your experience of this darkness to transform it to Light to begin with? Nobody. Yup, it’s on you. This is the beginning of aligning the “you” with the All. It’s a choice. Reading these words may strike a certain chord but I can’t do anything but offer you the reference points I’ve picked up and they may not all resonate with you. I’m just a reflection, in truth.


Forget about joining clubs or even listening to someone like me, for I AM YOU. My personality gets in the way of course but YOU KNOW when you hear real Truth because it just resonates with your being. This is the compass that leads all men and women home to the same conscious states of awareness that are exponentially transformative. We are each getting on the same staircase just from different points. It’s on us to do our inner-work and straighten out the mirror that is us. That’s how we change a planet from within.

The only excuse that some are “stuck” is because there’s something going on that is not being accepted as a valid experience.

The mirror that is us is creating the experience we are having. Clean your own up and the world inevitably comes with you. Face what you have in front of you and make a choice to bring your energy and focus into something that feels good, that feels like serving others first. That is the path to true happiness and the path to transforming everything you touch into golden light.

With all the Light and Love I AM I intend the highest outcome for all.


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