Message from Montague Keen – 11-29-15

Message from Montague Keen – November 29, 2015

How much longer will you just sit back and watch the needless slaughter of your fellow humans. You can no longer hide from the evidence. It is all around you and yet you do nothing. You listen to the blatant LIES being relayed, over and over again, by those who want rid of you, “the useless eaters”. What must they do to spur you into action? Your taxes supply the money for this killing machine to continue.

There is ONE SOURCE behind all the wars and the oppression. They become more obvious to you every day, and yet you allow them to continue. They have a foothold in every country. They plan well, for they have had years of practice. It is time you saw through their camouflage and recognized them for who and what they are, before they do any more damage to humanity and the Earth.

Reality must be faced and dealt with. It is when I returned to spirit that I saw clearly what was taking place. I have tried to open your eyes to it ever since. Time is running out. You must act. Do not sit passively by, and feel helpless. This is just what they want. When the 99% say “I will not comply”, then they are rendered useless. They cannot take over without your assistance. In fact, they are in fear of you waking up to their evil plans.




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